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How adjectives work in Spanish!

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1 How adjectives work in Spanish!

2 Endings There are 4 endings in spanish…
Feminine, Masculine,Femenine plural, masculine plural. Feminine= ‘a’ Masculine=‘o’ Feminine plural=‘as’ Masculine plural=‘os’

3 par example Expensive= caro/a
So, if you want to say something expensive you would use the ending depending on what the noun is in front. Lets say,jackets= chaquetas You would use the adjective ending of ‘as’ because the noun chaqueta is feminie and because there are more than one of them it is plural – ‘s’

4 Try it yourself! Use the noun, skirt= una falda
‘This is’ Use the noun, skirt= una falda Can you say this skirt is pretty? Use this table to help you with learning of the endings… Masculine singular (this) este Feminine singular (this) esta Masculine plural (these) estos Feminine plural estas

5 ‘This skirt is pretty’ answers:
Did you get… esta una falda es bonita?

6 Comparisons Phrases about comparing clothes (nouns) money and colour are different to English. For example!: These jeans are prettier than this skirt. You say ‘more pretty’ rather than ‘prettier. So, estos vaqueros mas bontios de este faldo. NOTICE! ALL THE ENDING HAVE ANJECTIVAL AGREEMENTS.

7 Superlatives! What are they?
Superlatives are used when you want to say ‘who’ is for example ‘pretty’ You would say instead of she is the prettiest. She is the most pretty! Elle es mas bonita . Try saying that!

8 Thanks for watching!

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