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2 OMS - URJADOOTH Implemented in KSEBL on October 2016
The objectives of Outage Management system are To inform registered consumers regarding scheduled and unscheduled outages registered in their area via SMS. To measure the reliability indices at various administrative levels based on the registered outages. Integration with URJA MITRA (Central project) for feeder Outages.

3 OMS SUMMARY SO FAR Sections enabled – 769/770
Total Outages registered- 1,25,695 Scheduled Outages ,386 (68.7%) unscheduled Outages -39,309 (31.3%) Total SMS Sent – 7,11,09,378 Monthly around 70 Lakh SMS

4 OMS - URJADOOTH OMS Module consists of two applications
OMSWeb - Application for Outage registration, Consumer registration, Actual Outage restoration and office based various reports. URL (Internet) - URL(Intranet) - Authentication based access - Single sign on feature OMS Reports - Application for various analysis and reporting based on outages registered under OMSWeb URL (Internet) - URL(Intranet) -

5 OMSWeb - An Overview

6 OMSWEB - AN OVERVIEW url (internet) Login - Username and password is same as that is used for logging in to Employee portal( Roles available – Designation based.

7 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Roles available
Overseer, SubEngineer – Can add, edit and view outages under his office. All report views under his office are also available. Assistant Engineer- Can add, edit and view outages under his office. All report views under his office are also available. The option for enabling SMS facility for the section is available only in this login. AEE,EE,DCE,CE –Can view all outages under his Office. All report views under his office are also available. OMS_Operator - Can add, edit and view outages under all office. All report views are also available. This role is meant for CCC. Admin - Can add, edit and view outages under all offices. All report views under all offices are also available. Options for setting various thresholds, SMS options etc are available only in this role

8 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Outage Registration-New Registration
Both scheduled and unscheduled outages can be registered. Any Outage registered atleast 20 minutes (configurable) before actual Outage time should be treated as scheduled. Type of work has to selected from drop down. This description will be sent to the consumer via SMS Outage time and Expected Restoration time has to selected from the date and time picker option available. These field will also be intimated in the SMS.

9 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Outage Registration-New Registration
Outages can be registered with high or low priority High Priority : SMS process will be triggered immediately on registration of Outage. Time for editing/deleting the outage will not be available. Low Priority : SMS process will triggered only after 10 minutes (configurable) if the outage time is with in 24 hrs (configurable) from time of registration. Any scheduled Outage registered before 24 hrs (configurable) of occurrence will be triggered only 24 hrs (configurable) before outage time. These outages will be available for editing until 24 hrs before the outage time.

10 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Outage Registration-New Registration
Outage feeder has to selected from dropdown. Upon selection of feeder, The DTRs mapped under the feeder which are currently not under any registered outage will be populated. Field for entering the details of outages are also available.

11 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Outage Registration-New Registration
–Major checks enabled Total duration of outages can be utmost 10 hrs. DTRs will be populated for selection only if outage time and restoration time is already entered. Restoration time cannot be before outage time. Restoration time cannot be before current time. Any outage registered where the duration is less than 30 minutes (configurable) will not be enabled for SMS. It will be used for reliability calculations and other analysis. Outage must be registered at least (duration/6) minutes before the restoration time for enabling if the duration is 60 minutes ,the outage should be registered atleast 10 minutes prior to restoration time for enabling SMS.


13 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Outage Registration
All registered outages will be displayed with the current SMS status in the order of registration. All registered outages with SMS status ‘New registration’ can be edited/Modified. It cannot be edited if the status changes to ‘SMS Process Initiated’ or ‘SMS Sent’ Outages can be expanded on clicking the ‘Transformer icon’ for editing/modifying/viewing the currently selected transformers. The details of SMS sent per transformer can be viewed by clicking the ‘Mobile Icon’ on right of the screen . The details of consumer numbers to which the SMS has been sent can be seen on further drill down of the SMS count. SMS are sent only to distinct phone numbers under a transformer. Link for finding the list of transformers currently under outage under his office is also available. For ‘admin’ and ‘OMS_Operator’ login the list of all transformers will be available with search option.

14 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Consumer Registration
Consumer can be registered for OMS activity from OMS application available in section offices. Bill Number validation is placed before registering the phone number and for Bill alert and Outage notification. The same page is available via available in public domain.

15 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Outage Restoration
The list of all outages where actual restoration time has not been given will be populated. By clicking the actual restoration button available under each outage ,time of actual restoration of DTRs can be provided. All DTRs under the outage where actual restoration is not provided will be shown on red. Actual restoration time should be after outage time. For all outage where actual restoration time is not entered, the reliability indices and other analysis will be done based on the expected time of restoration entered during the time of Outage registration.


Consumer wise outage search option available DTR Wise outage report with search option available Feeder Wise outage report with search option available


Consumer registration statistics – Count of consumers registered under each transformer of a section will be displayed. SMS statistics – Consolidated view of outages registered, DTR outages and SMS count for the selected period will be displayed with drill down options Reliability indicies – Feederwise and DTR wise reliability indicies for analysis will be available in new build release..



22 OMSWEB-AN OVERVIEW Profile - Option of enabling SMS facility to higher officers are available under AE login. Once enabled , copy of all SMS outages under the section will also be sent to these numbers. Integration with Urjamitra - Any outages registered in section offices, which are affecting atleast 60 % (configurable ) of total DTRs under the feeder, will be treated as feeder outages and the same will fed to Urja Mitra for SMS initiation. Incase of Urja Mitra service failure, the same will be reinitiated via OMS.

23 OMSReports - An Overview

Dashboard level information regarding the total feeder outages, total DTR outages and power availability at any point of time on a real time basis based on the data registered in OMSWeb. All reports are available at State level, Zone level, Circle level, Division Level and Section level for detailed analysis at each level of offices. Analysis on Consumer mapping statistics and OMS implementation review. Reports on Office based outages,Current outages complete feeder outages .

Reason wise Outage analysis. Classification of DTRs and Consumers in to Urban,Rural,Remote,Unclassified categories. Reliability indices (SAIFI,SAIDI,CAIFI,CAIDI) available at all level of offices. Location based (urban,rural,remote) reliability indices available.






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