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Aifoh? aifoh.comWHERE - WHERE You Can Find Everything Jewish! …While Listening to Everything Jewish!

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1 aifoh? aifoh.comWHERE - WHERE You Can Find Everything Jewish! …While Listening to Everything Jewish!

2 SIZ SHVER TZE ZAN A YID It is difficult to be a Jew Once upon a time before there was internet, Jews throughout America needed to live in shtetl -like communities due to social, cultural and religious needs. Life was simple because everything that we needed - synagogues, schools, bakeries and butchers - was down the street. The Jewish community was bounded by local constraints. Even Jewish entertainment such as radio broadcasts were exclusive to major metropolitan areas and even then it was limited to a few hours at best. Travel, relocation and even something as simple as music was shver, not an easy thing. It is difficult to be a Jew! ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

3 A New Modern World Thanks to technological advances, the world seems much smaller today making travelling and communication much easier. Jewish communities are more dispersed and there are more options available. But Jews still need to know where to find synagogues, kosher food and where to tune in for Jewish entertainment! Although there are some websites that cater to Jewish needs, most are outdated or you need to run multiple searches on numerous sites to find everything you need. And who wants to rely on newspapers and magazines? The information and music you need should be at your fingertips! ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

4 aifoh? radio INTRODUCING & aifoh? radio

5 was created to keep you up to date with What, When, Why & Where in the Jewish community, locally and nationwide. aifoh? radio aifoh? radio allows you to hear commercial free Jewish music, 24 hours a day streaming online or on the go with our smartphone app. aifoh? radio No matter WHERE you are, is the website that keeps you informed about restaurants, synagogues, mikvahs, stores, the latest deals or what to do and where to go. And you can listen to Jewish music with aifoh? radio anytime, anyWHERE and it is free! ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

6 STOP! Go to: NOW and check us out! ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

7 The Top Reasons to Advertise Your Business on has the most current, up-to-date information on Jewish Life. BUZZ! – Gives you the opportunity for front page advertising Chol Hamoed – Get up-to-the-minute knowledge of all the Chol Hamoed events in your area. reaches an extensive audience. is easy to navigate and easy to use. wants to promote your business so there are no negative user comments. allows for multiple types of searches. Jewish news ticker runs 24/7 aifoh? Radio aifoh? Radio plays great Jewish music with limited commercials. ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

8 Why Why is the best website to advertise your company? Because many sites are free, no one takes the time to make updates. With you control your information and can make updates at your convenience. Many websites that are currently hosting your business information allows for user comments that can be detrimental to your business. does not allow for user comments. We want to promote you without other peoples possible negative input. was created with YOU in mind. It is easy to navigate and very easy to manage your account. If you are running a special or a holiday promotion, has front page BUZZ! and a Chol Hamoed link to help you advertise. Best of all, you have the freedom to custom design your BUZZ! Aifoh? radio Aifoh? radio is FREE and streams 24 hours a day commercial free - online or via our smartphone app. Aifoh? Aifoh? radio attracts potential customers to where they can search your company or become familiar to you via BUZZ! while listening to music. ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

9 Prices Contract Description PricesTotal CostSavings 1 Month$65.00 6 Months$50.00 (Per month)$300.00 $90 Month Rate 1 Year$30.00 (Per Month)$360.00 $420 Month Rate $240 6 Month Rate 2 Years$25.00 (Per Month)$600.00 $960 Month Rate $600 6 Month Rate $120 1 Year Rate BUZZ! Pricing Each BUZZ! costs $25 and will be displayed for a minimum of 1 month from the time it is active. If you choose to have your BUZZ! displayed for more than a month, you will be charged an additional $15 per month up to 6 months. ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

10 What Else Does Offer? What is different about You receive monthly reports indicating how many times your link was clicked. emails members in your area about your new BUZZ! promotion. Discussion Board for members (Coming Summer 2012). Interactive map for members (Coming Fall 2012). App for SmartPhones to access (Coming Winter 2012). And much, much more… ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

11 - WHERE Your Business Should Be! For less than $1 a day, you can have your business on the premier national Jewish website! Do you have more questions or concerns? Please contact us at: David Turner, President aifoh? Become a Business Partner with aifoh? TODAY! - WHERE - WHERE You Can Find Everything Jewish! ** Partner with aifoh? Today **

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