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Unit 1 When is your birthday

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1 Unit 1 When is your birthday

2 birthday cake

3 birthday card

4 birthday presents

5 birthday party

6 January February March April May June

7 July August September October November December

8 March April May Spring Spring

9 July August June Summer

10 September October November Autumn

11 December January February Witer

12 the names of the months January Jan. July Jul. February Feb.
August Aug. March Mar. September Sep. April Apr. October Oct. May May. November Nov. June Jun. December Dec.

13 January the first month of the year New Year’s Day January 1st

14 the second month of the year
February the second month of the year Spring Festival Valentine’s Day February 14th

15 March the third month of the year Women’s Day Tree Planting Day

16 April the fourth month of the year April Fool’s Day April 1st

17 May the fifth month of the year May Day May 1st Mother’s Day
the second Sunday of May

18 Children’s Day June 1st

19 July the seventh month of the year Party’s Day July 1st

20 August the eighth month of the year Army Day August 1st

21 September Teachers’ Day                                                              September 10th

22 October National Day October 1st

23 November                                                  Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday in November

24 December Christmas Day December 25th

25 1 2 3 Listen and number: 1b When is your birthday, Vera?
My birthday is October tenth. 1 When is your birthday, Mary? My birthday is January fifteenth. 2 When is your birthday, Jeff? My birthday is June fourth. 3

26 Happy Birthday When is...birthday? ...birthday is .... (It's ...)

27 homework When is...birthday? ...birthday is .... (It's ...)

28 goodbye!!

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