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Unit 8 When is your birthday?

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1 Unit 8 When is your birthday?

2 Content Warming up New words Grammar focus Pair work Play game
Homework The End

3 Warming up Let’s listen to a beautiful song…

4 Warming up Do you know the name of the song? “Happy birthday to you”

5 Warming up Do you know at what kind of party we usually sing this song? At someone’s birthday party.

6 March Months January April February May June

7 Months August July October September December November

8 Ordinal numbers(1st-31st):
first second third fourth Fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth thirtieth twenty-third thirty-seventh

9 ordinal numbers: 一二三 , 八去 ,九去 , 代 v e, 见 y 改 ,再加 。 全变 t e f ie th

10 Numbers GAMES Game one: 两个学生一组,一学生说基数词或序数词,另一学生说序数词或基数词。看哪组学生说得又快又准。
Game two: 快速出示一些写有日期的卡片,让学生抢答。

11 Pairwork Fill in your own ID card and make a conversation with your partner. A: When is your birthday, John? B: It’s November 12th. A:How old are you? B: I’m thirteen. NAME: John Miller DATE OF BIRTH: November 12th AGE:13

12 Grammar focus Questions Answers When is your birthday?
My birthday is November 11th. When is Liu Ping’s birthday? Her birthday is September 5th. 如何询问时间? when可以用来对年、月、日以及时刻进行提问。 句型:When + is + 主语? e.g.: When is his birthday? It’s (on) June 5th,1992.

13 Grammar focus Tips: 回答是常用介词in, at, on等词组成的表时间 的介词短语。
in 年 in 月 on 日 at 小时 It’s in 在1992年。 It’s in spring. 在春天。 It’s in May.在五月。 It’s on Sunday. 在周日。 I always go home at 8 o’clock.

14 一年中的重大节日 Holidays in a year

15 New Year’s Day The Spring Festival January 1st April 1st in January or February Mother’s day Children’s Day May 1st June 1st the second Sunday in May

16 Father’s Day Mid-Autumn Day Teachers’ Day the third Sunday in June in September or October September 10th Christmas Day National Day Thanksgiving Day October 1st the fourth Thursday in November December 25th

17 Group talk Four students in a group,talk about your birthdays and your favorite days.

18 Ask your partners about his or her birthday.
A:When is your /his/her birthday? B:My/His/Her birthday is… A:How old are you/is he/is she ? B:I am/He is/She is … A:When were you born? B:I was born on…

19 Possible sentences: 1. A:When is Children’s Day? B:It is June 1st.
2. A:Which day do you like best? B:I like November 26th, because it’s my birthday. 3. Jack likes March 24th, because it is his mother’s birthday. Possible sentences:

20 Birthday THE GAME Homework Ask four of your classmates’ birthday and
ages. Line up from the youngest and the oldest.

21 Class birthday calendar
Name Birthday Month Date Mary June second

22 Let’s sing the beautiful
THE EHD Let’s sing the beautiful song together!


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