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Unit 8 When is your birthday?.

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1 Unit 8 When is your birthday?

2 January 一月

3 Chinese New Year! Valentine's Day February 二月

4 Tree Planting Day March 三月

5 April Fool's Day April 四月

6 May Day May 五月

7 Children's Day June 六月

8 July 七月 August 八月

9 September 九月

10 National Day October 十月

11 go hiking November 十一月

12 Christmas Day December十二月

13 Say the names of the months说出月份名词
Jan. 一月 二月 三月 四月 五月 六月 January February Feb. March Mar. April Apr. May. May June June

14 Say the names of the months说出月份名词
July July 七月 八月 九月 十月 十一月 十二月 Aug. August September Sept. October Oct. November Nov. December Dec.

15 第一 第二 第三 first 1st second third Write out the ordinal (序数)numbers 2nd

16 fifth 5th 第五 第八 第九 第十二 eighth 8th ninth 9th twelfth 12th

17 twentieth twenty-first thirtieth thirty-third fortieth forty-fifth 第二十
第二十一 第三十 第三十三 第四十 第四十五 twentieth 20th twenty-first 21st thirtieth 30th thirty-third 33rd fortieth 40th 45th forty-fifth

18 A:When is your birthday?
B: My birthday is (on)

19 A:When is your mother’s birthday?
B:Her birthday is...

20 A:When is your father’s birthday?
B:His birthday is...

21 Make up your dialogues

22 Use the words and phrases to make up dialogues about the following pictures .

23 A: When is Mary’s birthday?
B: Her birthday is September 6th. Mary, September 6th

24 Linda , October 20th

25 Bill, March 17th

26 Nick, December 9th

27 Jane, May 1st

28 Bob, February 10th

29 Read and match the events
and the pictures

30 __John’s birthday party E
__school trip __Football game __Speech contest __John’s birthday party E B A D B A C D C E

31 Read the dialogue and then tick in the form.

32 A: Do you have a basketball game at your school?
B: Yes, we do . A: When is it ? B: It’s March 25th. A: Do you have a English party A: When is it? B: It’s December, 28th. A: Do you have a music festival? B: No, we don’t.

33 Event Yes No Month Date Chinese Contest English party Basketball game
Music festival Football game December 28th March 19th

34 1st ________ 2nd _________ 3rd ________4th _________
写出下列序数词 1st ________ 2nd _________  3rd ________4th _________  5th ________ 8th ________ 9th________ 12th ________  20th ________ 31st _________ second first third fourth eighth fifth ninth twentieth twentieth thirtieth

35 1. _______ 1st is New year’s Day. 2. ______ 12th is Planting Day(植树节)
   用月份名词填空:   1. _______ 1st is New year’s Day.   2. ______ 12th is Planting Day(植树节)   3. ______ 1st is Fool’s Day.(愚人节)   4. ______ 1st is Labour’s Day.(劳动节)   5. ______ 1st is Children’s Day.   6. The last(最后的)three months of a year are _______ _________,and ________.   7. New school year begins(新学年开始于) in ________. January March April May June October November December September

36 三.写出每组对话的问题:   1. Q : _______________________   A: My birthday is April 22nd.   2. Q : _____________________   A: I’m sixteen.   3. Q: _____________________   A: My brother’s birthday is May 16th.   4. Q: _____________________   A: The party(音乐会)is May 21st.    Q: _____________________    A: My mother is forty - eight . When is your birthday? How old are you? When is your brother’s birthday? When is the party? How old is your mother?

37 四. 将下列词连成一个完整的句子   1.May,it,is,first   2.birthday,my,is,10th October, . 3.his,is,birthday,September,second ? It is May 1st. My birthday is October 10th. Is his birthday September 2nd?

38 5.old,are,how,your,parents.
 4.your,birthday,mother’s,when,is,? 5.old,are,how,your,parents. 6.The , speech contest, July 3rd, is, How old are your parent? When is your mother’s birthday? The speech contest is July 3rd.

39 Read the following in formation about the famous persons and find their pictures birthdays.
读下面名人的信息, 找到他们的照片

40 林俊杰 3月27日 陆毅 1976年1月6日 77年1月1日 79年1月18日 言承旭 林心如 1976年1月27日 张惠妹
周杰伦 79年1月18日   陆毅  1976年1月6日  77年1月1日 言承旭 林俊杰    月27日 林心如          年1月27日    张惠妹 1972年8月9日 周渝民6月9日 

41 10月31日 3月31日 6月18日 3月11日 7月23日

42 January 1st February 14 March 12th April 1st May 1st June 1st
Children’s Day Tree planting Day Fools’ Day Valentine’s Day New year’s Day Labour Day January 1st February 14 March 12th April 1st May 1st June 1st May Day

43 July 1st August 1st October 1st December 25th National Day
Army Day National Day Christmas Day The Party’s Day

44 Unit 8 When is your birthay Section B


46 Christmas Day December

47 Children’s Day June

48 Mother’s Day May

49 Lover’s Day                              February

50 January 1st

51 in January or February

52 May 1st

53 Mother’s day the second Sunday in May

54 Children’s Day June 1st

55 Father’s Day the third Sunday in June

56 Mid-Autumn Day in September or October

57 Teachers’ Day September 10th

58 National Day October 1st

59 Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday in November

60 Christmas Day December 25th


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