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Holiday package including tours

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1 Holiday package including tours
POSSIBLE AREAS OF RISKS for tours / holiday packages

2 Overview

3 General for the business
Financial loss Staff

4 Client profile / pre-tour arrangements
Age, gender, size, nationality, etc. Medical needs including profilactic malaria medication Travel insurance Visa, entry requirements (birth certificate, yellow fever where applicable)

5 Transport Flights Vehicles Ferry
Public transport e.g. Red City Bus, taxi, metered taxi

6 General for destination
Political / socio-economic situation Weather

7 Activities Adventure Amusement parks Swimming Hiking
Leisure / free time Township / rural visit Shopping in local market place / shopping centre Game drives

8 Activities (1) Visit to museums, art galleries
Visit to archaeological sites

9 Accommodation Hotels Lodges Camping sites Resorts

10 Food and drinks Restaurants Food outlets Boma dinners Street food
Picnic baskets


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