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Planning a vacation, on a budget Life Management- A. Sobotka.

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1 Planning a vacation, on a budget Life Management- A. Sobotka

2 Objective Students will plan a dream vacation for a family of 4. Students will work either individually or with a partner to prepare a PowerPoint presentation and plan every aspect of a vacation using a budget of $3,000.

3 Step One: Create a profile Include the following: – Parents ages & occupations – Childrens ages – Where they live (city & state) – Include why this is their dream vacation

4 Step Two: Choose a destination This will be entirely up to you, please consider: – # of people – Budget – Where your partner wants to go

5 Step Three: Choose lodging Photo of hotel or lodging facility including prices, description of accommodations Check in/out dates Amenities (pool, pay-per-view, restaurant/room service, internet, room size, etc.) Price per night What is included

6 Step Four: Transportation method If traveling by air, train, or bus please include: Ticket prices Name of company traveling Cost per ticket Flight times

7 If traveling by automobile Obtain average price per gallon of gas, type of car, and mileage to and from destination Type of vehicle (you will be renting) Dates traveling Route that you are taking Approximate distance in miles Approximate MPG/miles driven =how many gallons of gas you will need, in order to have an approximate gas budget for the trip.

8 Step Five: What will you do? Any entertainment (amusement parks, museums, shows, movies, tours, etc.) Cost per ticket (x4 people) Packages (& what it entails) Name of facilities, movies, tours, price per person

9 Step Six: Meals Meals, name of restaurants and prices (can you find restaurants that let kids eat free?) Menu items including cost Consider hotels with continental breakfast included?

10 Step Seven: Gratuity Gratuity (tipping – bellhop, taxi, baggage, wait staff, etc.) Baggage (50 cents - $1.00 per bag) 20% on other items (like meals) Taxi or other transportation Concierge (depends on what service is provided)

11 Step Eight: Non-essentials Purchasing of non- essentials and souvenirs Include budget amount, items purchased (if possible)

12 Step Nine: Miscellaneous items *Determined by students* Look for specials and discounts! You will have five days to work on this assignment divided between the computer lab & the classroom to organize your data.

13 Presentations begin: Friday November 1, 2013 You will have six days in the computer lab to work on this assignment

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