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An Inland Port in Salt Lake County

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1 An Inland Port in Salt Lake County
Stuart Clason August 3, 2017

2 Inland Port Logistics hub that combines containerized rail, trucking interchange, and warehousing and distribution activity Sea ports are often overcrowded and slow Skip sea port and move goods directly inland Saves time and money

3 Enabling Legislation S.B. 25 (1974)
Granted public entities authority to establish port authorities within or outside municipal boundaries Authorized port authorities to be established, constructed, operated, and maintained using public funds

4 Feasibility Study 1987 – Inland Port Task Force created by SLCo
Findings: No centralized entity responsible for freight transport Expansive transportation infrastructure Trade and transportation potential not fully realized 80+ industrial parks under-utilized Utah lagged in business climate ratings Foreign Trade Zone facilities under-utilized Local freight forwarders were limited by small volumes of local cargo and distances to major western markets Little cooperation between coast and inland relations

5 Feasibility Study Recommended the establishment of an Inland Port Authority 3 phases (begin January 1990) Implement a Port Authority within the County government structure Establish a quasi-independent Port Authority Transition to a self-supporting quasi-independent Port Authority

6 Goals of Initial Efforts
Facilitate development of goods transport Supporting economic development efforts Facilitate increased trade in the region Coordinate opportunities to export Utah products internationally Support enhanced energy infrastructure

7 Where We Are Now Aug 2016 – Inland port market assessment published by Gardner Policy Institute Oct 2016 – Governor announced creation of Inland Port exploratory team Aug 2017 – Visit to Los Angeles coastal port Oct 2017 – Visit to Los Angeles inland port

8 Why an Inland Port in SLCo?
Location Crossroads of the west 2 days from half the country Could service entire western U.S. Energy hub Transportation infrastructure Highway: I-15, I-80 Rail: Union Pacific Intermodal hub Global Trade and Investment Plan Increasing exports and foreign investment Companies that export pay ~18% higher wages FOEs pay ~32% higher wages (SLCo) UPS, Amazon, Post distribution centers Source: Layton Construction

9 Crossroads of the West

10 Why an Inland Port Matters
Economic Development Port of Tacoma supported 29,000 jobs in 2013 12,000 direct; 6,000 indirect; 11,000 induced Generated $3B in economic activity Produced over $200M in state and local taxes Export-related jobs pay ~18% higher wages Increases SLCo’s desirability as a location for business

11 Why an Inland Port Matters
Complements the creation of an energy corridor Increased transport and export opportunities for petroleum products Houston Energy Corridor Improvement district with more than 75,000 employees

12 Thank You Stuart Clason Associate Director
Salt Lake County Department of Transportation, Housing, and Economic Development (385)

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