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St. Tammany Parish Steering Committee Strengths & Weaknesses Assessment January 29, 2003.

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1 St. Tammany Parish Steering Committee Strengths & Weaknesses Assessment January 29, 2003

2 Agenda Results of Leadership Survey Interview Findings & Preliminary Strengths & Weaknesses Report (Opportunities & Threats will come later) Update on Leadership Workshop

3 Leadership Survey 110 questions on Quality of Life Education Government Leadership Labor Transportation Utilities Real Estate Capital Markets Seventy responses out of 300 mailed (~25% response rate)

4 Strengths Question (strong =3, neutral =2, 1= weak)Value 1. Crime level2.8 1. Executive level housing2.7 3. Elementary school quality2.7 3. Access to southern market2.7 5. Quality of secondary education2.6 5. Air quality2.6 5. Quality of restaurants2.6 8. Adequate police protection2.5 8. Proximity to other in-state markets2.5 8. Adequate fire protection2.5 8. Attractiveness of physical environment2.5

5 Weaknesses (In Reverse Rank Order) Issue (3 = strong, 2= neutral & 1=weakness)Value 110. Available public transportation1.1 109. Traffic movement in St. Tammany Parish1.2 109. Adequate air freight service1.2 107. Traffic carrying capacity of streets1.3 107. Adequate commercial air service1.3 107. Available apprenticeship training1.3 104. Industrial marketing program1.4 104. Available quality jobs1.4 104. Fully served industrial sites1.4 104. Availability of post secondary vocation technical training1.4 104. Available intermodal shipping1.4 104. Available venture capital1.4

6 Interviews 30+ confidential interviews in total 13 with major employers 3000+ jobs Sample of manufacturing, headquarters, technology, office & warehouse employers

7 Overall Findings Many large locally controlled companies half launched by regional entrepreneurs Overall business climate in this region is rated as “good” by employers Quality of Life rated as “excellent” with few problems with national relocations Softness with scientists and advanced tech sector because of Louisiana image

8 Labor Findings Labor market is excellent for offices and good for manufacturing No complaints about basic skills of applicants Productivity is rated as “very good” with little problems from turnover or absenteeism Some softness in IT because of small talent pool

9 Labor Force Entrants The local labor market produces more applicants than commonly thought Job growth can exceed 2.5 percent without changing unemployment rates


11 OPERATING COSTS Gulf Coast Competitors Mobile Biloxi-Gulfport & Hancock County, MS Houma Jackson Lafayette Baton Rouge New Orleans

12 National Market Access Region not located to serve distribution sensitive companies

13 Regional Market Access Eastern St. Tammany within 20% of Atlanta

14 Gulf Coast Market Access Gulf Coast position is good

15 Office Positions Moderate cost with excellent talent pool

16 Technology Positions Higher wages suggest a smaller talent pool

17 Manufacturing Positions Moderate costs for manufacturing

18 Power Costs Moderate costs except for the largest loads

19 Occupancy Costs Moderate cost but limited inventory for office or plant

20 Business Park Prices Higher prices than Dallas, Houston or Raleigh

21 Water & Wastewater Capacity is limited for business parks & prices are high

22 Construction & Taxes Higher than MS in costs and double in property tax

23 Overall Strengths & Weaknesses Compiled From All Sources

24 Strengths ICLE Worker productivity & labor relations Manufacturing labor supply Quality of Life Access to Global & Gulf Coast markets Quality of schools Office & headquarters labor supply Entrepreneurial climate Interstate highway access Cost of office & warehouse leases I=Interviews, C=costs, L=Leadership Survey, E=employers

25 Neutrals ICLE Business/Government Cooperation Construction Costs Office wages Manufacturing wages Electrical rates I=Interviews, C=costs, L=Leadership Survey, E=employers

26 Weaknesses ICLE National market access Business park supply and price Supply of warehouse, flex & office space Tax rates & state tax policy Water and wastewater rates and capacity Traffic congestion Affordable housing Zoning & permitting Conference & meeting facilities Support for economic development programs Supply of info tech workers I=Interviews, C= costs, L=Leadership Survey, E=Employers

27 STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Targeting (Threat & Opportunities) Land Use evaluation Leadership workshop Economic development 101 Socio-economic trends & St. Tammany Parish Vision for the future – a small-group consensus envisioning process Economic development priorities – a small group process Path forward

28 STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS FINAL STRATEGY Development of strategic actions to address key economic development issues Review of vision, goals, and action plan by steering committee Initial draft for public review Public presentations for feedback Final plan

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