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School Communicator.

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1 School Communicator

2 Connecting educational institutions with the South African family…
Our Purpose Connecting educational institutions with the South African family…

3 Dear Parent Your school uses the d6 school communicator to communicate important events and messages from your school. The d6 school communicator is a safe, lightweight application that delivers personalised news and information straight to your computer or mobile device.

4 Market Presence First to developed desktop and mobile app in South Africa. Over 2, 000 schools use the d6 Communicator. 1st 2, 000 No1 downloaded education app in South Africa. 700,000 parents are using the platform daily. No 1 700,000 Nominated for app of the year in the educational market. Over 1 million downloads. 1m

5 Our History 2016 ? 2015 2013 2010 2009 2, 000 Schools 1, 500 schools
2009 we created a desktop communicator for St George's Grammar School, where one of the directors had a son. The response was overwhelmingly positive. 6 years later there are now in more than 1600 schools in South Africa and various business and social communities across the country. 2015 1, 500 schools 2013 500 Schools 2010 100 Schools 2009 1st School

6 About d6 Gallery of events and sport and moments that
stand out. Live updates as they happen and push notifications (except on mobi). Calendar for NB dates and events. Resources library to store important documents or school policies. Integrates with your internal systems.

7 The d6 School Communicator
Desktop Version Mobile Version

8 Download the Desktop Application

9 Download the Desktop Application
Windows Desktop 1. Visit 2. Select your school in the drop down list on the left. 3. Click on the windows button. 4. When asked to ‘Run or save’ the file, click ‘save’ and thereafter run. 5. Follow the installation prompts from then. Mac OS X 3. Click on the Mac button. 4. Follow the steps from then. Mac installer is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and higher.

10 Download the Mobile Application
Freely Available on all Mobile “Stores”. App Store Visit the App store. Search for d6 school communicator. Select your school in the drop down list on the left Click open. Follow the prompts and don’t forget to personalise to receive the news you want. Play Store Visit the Play store. Search for d6 school communicator.

11 Mobile Application on the Mobi site
We have created a mobi site that will work on any device, making the d6 school communicator available anywhere, anytime for your convenience. Visit http: Register, then log in with your username and Password. For any technical assistance: Telephone:

12 Downloading the Mobile Application:
Visit your Play Store, search for and download the d6 School Communicator.

13 Downloading the Mobile Application
Install, Open and Register or Sign-in to your Communicator.

14 Downloading the Mobile Application
Select your country and school. Once successfully installed, open your Communicator.

15 Downloading the Mobile Application
Browse through your Communicator sections, such as News, Calendar and Multimedia.

16 Downloading the Mobile Application
Familiarize yourself with Resources, Homework and Contacts.

17 Downloading the Mobile Application
Save money by making use of Coupons. The My Child function allows you to reply promptly to school’s administrative enquiries.

18 Downloading the Mobile Application
Subscribe to different and various aspects of your child’s school curriculum. Add an additional Grade.

19 Questions? d6 Technology has a pamphlet available to assist you in your installation process. An electronic installation-invitation will also be sent out.

20 Thank You

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