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What are the steps to install a Brother Printer without the CD.

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2 What are the steps to install a Brother Printer without the CD

3 By providing a wide range of personal and official printers, Brother Printer is a very well-known name in the printing industry. If you have already got this machine you must know how amazing they are and also how awesome Brother Printer support service is.

4 But if you just bought a new Brother print machine then you need to install it first before enjoying their awesome product. Normally, print machine come with an installation guide and a CD Rom to install printing machine to work with your computer system. Though, if you have not got a CD, don’t worry because here we have explained in simple words that how you can install your print machine without an installation CD.

5 Steps to follow:  Start with unpacking your new print machine box and connect your new print machine to your computer through a USB cable.  Now press power button of your printer and a pop-up window must open on your computer desktop to start hardware installation process.  If a pop-up window doesn’t come up on your screen automatically then open your internet and head to their official website.  Go to their technical support website and click on the Software and drivers downloads.

6  Now select the model number of your printer series and from the list and click on the “view” Doing this will open several links in your web page.  Download the latest driver.  Now open this downloaded file (or driver) to start installing a necessary driver and simply follow onscreen instructions until the on-going- installation process ends.  That's it your printer is all set to print any documents from your system. To verify proper working Printer give a command from your computer to print a document.

7 If you still don't know what to do and how to do simply call on Brother technical support number Ireland +353-768887727 and ask their expert for a solution. For you convenient, experts can do it remotely for you by getting access to your computer system using some remote tools. They will give you some tips to take care of your machine as well.Brother technical support number Ireland

8 If you want to Reset your Printer visit our Brother printer reset blog or simply contact brother customer care number +353-768887727 and get help.Brother printer reset blogcontact brother customer care number

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