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and useful expressions.

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1 and useful expressions.
Modal verbs and useful expressions.

2 Modal verbs are paired up with infinitives to express something else
Tener + que + Infinitive (used when you have to do something) Tener + ganas de + Infinitive (used when you feel like doing something) Hay que + Infinitive (to express that something has to be done) Ir + a + Infinitive (to say that you are going to do something)

3 Tener + que + Infinitive
To express when a person has to do something (an obligation) say tener que…and follow it with a verb in the infinitive. Conjugate only tener. Tengo que escribir I have to write. Pedro tiene que comer. Pedro has to eat. Nadia y yo tenemos que limpiar. Nadia and I have to clean.

4 Ejercicios Tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos, tienen.
1) He has to clean his room._____________________________ 2) You (formal) have to study._____________________________ 3) We have to exercise.__________________________ 4) They have to cook._____________________________

5 Tener + ganas de + Infinitive
To say that a person feels like doing something say tener ganas de… and follow it with a verb in the infinitive. Only conjugate the verb tener. Tengo ganas de estudiar. - I feel like studying. Ella tiene ganas de bailar.-She feels like dancing. Nosotros tenemos ganas de comer. We feel like eating.

6 Ejercicios 1) I feel like singing.___________________________
2) You (inf.) feel like sleeping.__________________________ 3) She feels like writing.____________________________ 4. Yolanda and Oscar feel like dancing.___________________________

7 Hay + que + Infinitive Hay que + Infinitive is used to express the idea that someone has to do something or that it is necessary that someone has to do something. There is not a subject in this expression. Ejemplo: Hay que limpiar la casa. One must clean the house. The house must be cleaned. It is necessary to clean the house.

8 Ejercicios 1) It is necessary to study._____________________________
2) One must study.____________________ 3) It is necessary to eat._______________________________ 4) One must sleep.____________________

9 Ir + a + Infinitive To express that someone is going to do something use the conjugation of Ir and add “a” and a verb in the infinitive. Trinidad va a cocinar. (Trinidad is going to cook.) Yo voy a caminar. ( I’m going to walk.) Karina y yo vamos a viajar a Perú. (Karina and I are going to travel to Perú.) Eliza y tú van a dormir. (Eliza and you are going to sleep.)

10 Ejercicios Voy, vas, va, vamos, van.
1) I am going to swim.__________________ 2) Patricia is going to run._______________________________ 3) Ernesto is going to read.______________________________ 4) You (inf.) and I are going to go to the school.____________________________

11 Two verbs in a row Whenever you have two verbs in a row only conjugate the first one and leave the second one in the infinitive form. Norma needs to swim. Norma necesita nadar. We should travel. Nosotros debemos viajar.

12 I want to eat lunch. Quiero almorzar. She needs to study for her test. Ella necesita estudiar para el examen. We want to write a poem. Queremos escribir un poema.

13 Ejercicios 1) I can dance._______________________
2) She wants to eat.___________________ 3) We should study tonight.____________________________ 4) You (inf.) need to clean._____________________________ 5) I want to speak in Spanish.___________________________

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