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2 CANADA AND IMMIGRATION Immigrating to Canada is an enticing idea – it’s peaceful, prosperous and filled with opportunity Immigrating to Canada Based on a UN survey, it’s been rated for five years as the best country to live in And best of all, they’re quite immigration-friendly!

3 CANADA IMMIGRATION You need to figure out every detail beginning from whether or not you’re eligible for such a move to whether you want to apply for Canadian citizenship directly or try working there first, what your documentary requirements are going to be, getting a Canadian work permit (if you don’t have a job and work visa lined up), citizenship in the future, etc

4 ELIGIBILITY Immigrating to Canada can be accomplished through over 60 programs. Each has a different application procedures and eligibility requirements, bearing in mind your current situation, goals, etc. These are broadly classified into: – Skilled Worker (Federal or Quebec): This is based on your age, education, work ex, etc. and will include your points calculation – Family Class Sponsorship: Wherein a close relative living in Canada can sponsor your immigration – Investors & Entrepreneurs: Suited for candidates of high net worth and business experience Investors & Entrepreneurs – Canadian Experience Class: This program encourages candidates with professional skills and technical expertise to immigrate on a permanent basis – Quebec Experience Class: International students and foreign workers who have been studying or working in Quebec can settle there permanently – Provincial Nominee: Wherein the Canadian provinces or territories can nominate those who are looking to move to Canada and want to settle in that province/territory

5 ELIGIBILITY Like quite a few countries, Canada follows an immigration points system to determine whether you are qualified to move to Canada, especially for skilled workers.move to Canada, especially for skilled workers. You will need a minimum of 67 points to qualify; these are assigned according to your age, educational qualification, work experience, languages skills in French and English (both of which are a must there), etc. There are many online calculators available that can give you an idea of where you might fall under this points system.

6 THE IMMIGRATION PROCESS For Skilled Workers, Investor and Provincial Nominee Program – Your application forms must be submitted at the specified centres for assessment – These forms must be complete in all details, with the necessary signatures, photographs, etc. – You may need to go in for a personal interview – Following this, a medical exam will likely be required by a doctor approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Then you wire over the required fees and the visa will be issued

7 THE IMMIGRATION PROCESS For the Canadian Experience Class and Skilled Worker programs – you can state an expression of interest in immigration via an online Express Entry profile – Based on your ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System, you’ll be invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada – Your e-application can be submitted and reviewed after the necessary medical and security checks, following which the fees are wired and the Permanent Resident visa is issued

8 IMMIGRATION TO CANADA Immigrating to Canada from Dubai at some point in the future is quite a common dream For those who are ready to take that step, Stratix Consultants provides unparalleled service and consultation in their custom- made resettlement solution packages, designed to suit each individual or family’s requirementsStratix Consultants With an extensive, skilled workforce, they are committed to providing end-to-end services to help you achieve this dream


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