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1 Provincial Nominee Program Presentation for International Students and Graduates September 22, 2007.

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1 1 Provincial Nominee Program Presentation for International Students and Graduates September 22, 2007

2 2 Immigration Strategy First provincial immigration strategy released March 2007. Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism (OIM) established. Provincial Nominee Program transferred from INTRD to Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism. Retention of international students identified as a key goal.

3 3 International Students & Graduates Over 1000 international students enrolled in provincial institutions. Possess recognized credentials. Possible local work experience. Ties to the local community. Growing economy provides opportunities for employment.

4 4 What is the Provincial Nominee Program The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a result of an agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The PNP enables the province to nominate individuals for immigration. Individuals who have a strong commitment to maintaining a residence in the Province will have greater chance of being nominated.

5 5 Program Objectives To enhance the provincial economy through the immigration of skilled workers and entrepreneurs. To address particular skill shortages/gaps in identified sectors and regions of the province. To attract entrepreneurs with the appropriate skills and capital to create new jobs. To increase our population base.

6 6 Program Categories Skilled Worker - guaranteed job offer from a local employer or are currently employed on a work permit with a local employer. Entrepreneur Category: establish a new business or purchase an existing business, intend to be self- employed in the business and reside in the province. Immigrant Partner Category: invest in a local company.

7 7 Skilled Worker Category Eligible applicants are required to have:  specialized skills that are deemed as having critical impact on the operations of the employer;  bona fide offer of paid employment The employer will have to ensure that the applicant’s skills could not have been met locally and /or that the position was extremely difficult to fill.

8 8 Skilled Worker Category cont’d Provincial credentials standards and/or professional licensing requirements must be successfully completed prior to nomination. In some cases, OIM will cooperate with the employer to obtain a work permit. Healthcare sector- OIM will require applicants to work for at least 6 months before they are eligible to apply.

9 9 The Application Process Applicant completes the Self-Assessment form - score of 50 points is required. Complete Skilled Worker forms and attach supporting documents. Employment Offer completed by employer. Processing Fee reduced to $150

10 10 The Application Process cont’d Additional information may be requested at any time. Applicants may be required to attend an interview. Average processing time – 3 to 6 weeks. Additional staff will further reduce processing time.

11 11 Next Steps: Successful Applicants Successful applicants will be issued a Certificate of Nomination. Certificate is forwarded to a Canadian Embassy. Applicants submit permanent residence application to same Embassy. Application is processed as a PN category.

12 12 Why Choose the PNP? Nomination = NL Sponsorship of federal immigration application. Applicants will have direct access to visa office via OIM. Processing of the permanent residence application will be expedited. Work permits

13 13 Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism Responsibilities Conduct due diligence to validate information submitted on applications. Confirm employment. Make a determination on commitment to reside in the province.

14 14 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Responsibilities CIC will conduct security, admissibility, and medical screening and interviews when necessary. CIC will consider the issuance of work permits at the request of OIM. CIC has sole responsibility for issuing permanent residence visa.

15 15 Future of PNP OIM committed to the enhancement of PNP;  International Graduate category  Family Connection category  Other Increase promotion of PNP to local employers. Create awareness among employers of the benefits of hiring international graduates.

16 16 Can PNP work for you? YES IT CAN! You can apply for nomination:  Job offer or employed in field of study or related field  Work permit Make an appointment with a Program Officer to discuss your eligibility.

17 17 Contact Information PNP website Email Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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