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INS Marketing Systems Located in the DFW Area Texas.

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1 INS Marketing Systems Located in the DFW Area Texas

2 Why do business with INS Marketing Systems INC We don’t just send you a contract and say “good luck or go get’em tiger!” We can teach you how to become an expert How to Prospect How to Set the Appointment How to Create the Need How to Cross Sell Life – Med Supp – LTC - Ancillary

3 Senior Market Sales Want to learn more about Selling in the Senior Market? With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning age 65 daily in the U.S.A you don’t want to miss the boat We can teach you how to sell: Med Supps, Final Expense, Long Term Care and Medicare Advantage Plans

4 You Tube Training Videos No seminars, No Webinars, No Test to Pass Learn how to close sales in the Senior Market With our You Tube format you can replay the key points over and over again until they become automatic. Short and to the point, learn on your time We want to keep you smiling all the way to the bank!

5 More Prospects and Leads Sales Tracker Your Choice of Lead Support Contracts where we Track Your Sales and you earn Direct Mail Lead Credit OR Higher Commission Contracts for agents needing the extra cash flow to develop their own lead program

6 Our Agents are Captivated NOT Captive! We provide our agents with Direct Home Office Contracts The Insurance Company pays you directly Most of the contracts are vested. This means your renewal commission will continue even if you decide to longer do business with a insurance company

7 We even teach old dogs new tricks! How to get in more doors by learning about the Extra Help Programs for Seniors. How to use Life Insurance Benefits to cover Nursing Home or Home Health Care expenses Social Security replacement Income for a surviving Spouse Working in the turning age 68 market instead of the turning 65 market

8 This exclusive site is available only to our contracted/producing agents Includes Training Videos, Turning 65 List, Contracting info A library of sales knowledge passed on to YOU if you contract with us Your sales rep will follow up with you in a few days and help you get going!

9 Let’s Do Business! I am Calvin Sulak, the President of INS Marketing Systems, dba Best Marketing Systems and we would appreciate doing business with you. Phone: 800 843 7253 Or Email:

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