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Understanding Numbers.

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1 Understanding Numbers

2 Place Value/Face Value
Face value is 4 Each digit in a number has a place value and a face value. In the number 4856, the digit 4 is in the thousands place value. Meaning the place value is thousands. The number you see (4) is the face value. 4856 Place value is thousands

3 A place value chart helps us to read and understand large numbers.

4 THOUSANDS UNITS ones, tens, hundreds MILLIONS

5 Saying Large Numbers Understand place value helps us say large numbers properly When saying large numbers you should: A) start with the largest place value grouping B) say what you see, then say the grouped place value. “write it as you say it” C) continue until all number have been read 4,907,521

6 Try ReadingThese To Yourself
4,560,392 22,603 193,004

7 Writing Numbers In Words
When writing numbers in words you write exactly what you say: “write it as you say it” 4,320,199 Four million, three hundred twenty thousand, one hundred ninety-nine

8 Read these to yourself and write them in words on a piece of paper.
Two hundred sixty four thousand, five hundred three Seven hundred twenty-two 3. Five hundred sixty-three thousand, four hundred Go to next slide to check your work.

9 Answers: 260,503 722 563,416

10 Standard and Expanded Form

11 When numbers are presented in numerical digits, it is called the standard form of a number.
4856 Standard Form

12 Expanded Form Numbers can also be represented in expanded form.
This means writing the value of a number using the face value and place value of each digit. Stretch it like a rubber band. Use + signs to separate the values. The number 4,856 in expanded form is: 4,

13 Go to next slide to check your work.
Try these on sheet of paper. Take the standard form into an expanded form and take each expanded form into a standard form. 1. 23,508 2. 800, , Go to next slide to check your work.

14 Answers: 20, , 850,364

15 Let’s Review: Value of a number: That means what is the place value of a certain number. Ex: 87, is in the tens place so it is worth or value is 40. Word form: “write as you say it” Ex: eighty-seven thousands five hundred forty-three Standard Form: numbers written in numbers (digits) Ex: 87,843 Expanded Form: “Stretch it out like a rubber bands” Use + signs. Ex: 80, ,

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