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Understanding Place Value.

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1 Understanding Place Value

2 Place value is thousands
Place Value vs. Value Value is 4 Each digit in a number has a place value and a value. In the number 4856, the digit 4 is in the thousands place value. Meaning the place value is thousands. The number you see (4) is the value. 4856 Place value is thousands

3 A place value chart helps us to read and understand large numbers.

4 We are only going to focus on whole numbers today…but
We will be also learning about place value to the hundredths!!

5 THOUSANDS 463, 245, 791. UNITS ones, tens, hundreds MILLIONS

6 G CIA EKD Hundred Thousand Ten Thousand Thousands Millions Ones
Hundreds Tens

7 Saying Large Numbers Understand place value helps us say large numbers properly When saying large numbers you should: A) start with the largest place value grouping B) say what you see, then say the grouped place value C) continue until all number have been read 34, 907, 521.

8 Try These 4, 560, 392. 5, 500, 428. 5, 022, 603. 364, 210. 4, 321. 800, 444. 904, 265. 93, 004.

9 Writing Numbers In Words
When writing numbers in words you write exactly what you say: 9, 320, 199. nine million, three hundred twenty thousand, one hundred ninety-nine

10 Try These Two hundred sixty four thousand, five hundred three
Nine million, sixty-two thousand four five million, twenty-two Five hundred sixty-three thousand, four hundred thirteen Seven thousand, sixteen

11 Standard and Expanded Form

12 When numbers are presented in numerical digits, it is called the standard form of a number.
4856 Standard Form

13 Numbers can also be represented in expanded form.
This means writing the value of a number using the face value and place value of each digit. The number 4856 in expanded form is:

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