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AVG Customer Support Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Login:-

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1 AVG Customer Support Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Login:-

2 Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 AVG Customer Support We’re online technical support service provider, provides technical support for AVG antivirus software to solve all level technical problems related to AVG antivirus protection. You can contact us by dialing Our AVG antivirus support number +1(800)746-3915. This article will show you how to install the AVG Antivirus 2015, and properly configure the software after the installation to ensure maximum efficiency and protection.AVG antivirus support number

3 Go to the AVG website' download section and click the "Free Download" box. Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

4 After downloading the software, click the run box to start the installation. If the run box is not present, go to your download folder and double click the application.

5 Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Now that the installation has started, select whichever language you want to choose and click "Next."

6 Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Read the software license agreement, understand the terms and click "Accept" to continue the installation.

7 Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Afterwards a license box will appear automatically will your license number, just click next to proceed.

8 Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Then choose the custom install option, stick with the default path and click next to continue with the installation.

9 In the next component of the installation you may either deselect the "Additional installed Languages" or you can just click next to continue. Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

10 Now after clicking "Finish," the installation is done and it will be up to you if you want to join the "Product Improvement Program." Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

11 Now after the installation is finished, the AVG antivirus menu will appear and give you the options of scanning your computer. This is where we click the select option on the top right corner and click "Advanced Settings". Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

12 Here you will want to select the "Virus Vault" on the left corner under "Update" and increase the size of the vault to 20%. After you are finished when that, press "Apply" on the bottom right corner. Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

13 After this click on "Update" on the left side of the application and deselect "Start Memory and process scan after a successful update". Press the "Apply" button in the right corner after you are done.

14 Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915 Now click on "Identity Protection" on the left corner and select the "Automatically quarantine detected threats" box. Then press the "Apply" box in the right corner.

15 And finally click on the "Appearance" option on the top left corner. Then deselect both "Boot time improvement notifications" and "AVG Advisor notifications". Press the "Apply" box in the right corner. Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

16 Done. You have installed and properly configured the AVG Antivirus 2015 to protect your PC from outside threats while maintaining maximum speed and efficiency. Dial Toll Free:- +1(800)746- 3915

17 THANKS! For More Info, You can Find US on :- AVG Antivirus Support support@antivirussupportphonenumber.com1-800-746-3915

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