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Page 4 - Para Empezar Avancemos 3

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1 Page 4 - Para Empezar Avancemos 3
Verbs Like Gustar Page 4 - Para Empezar Avancemos 3

2 Verbs Like gustar You already know several verbs that always use indirect objects:

3 Verbs Like gustar encantar to be highly pleasing gustar to be pleasing
importar to be important interesar to be of interest

4 Verbs Like gustar These verbs all use a similar construction: indirect object pronoun + verb + subject

5 Verbs Like gustar Me gusta el béisbol.
Literally: Baseball is pleasing to me.

6 Verbs Like gustar The two forms of these verbs that are most commonly used are the Ud./él/ella and Uds./ellos/ellas forms.

7 Verbs Like gustar ¿Te interesan los deportes?
Literally: Are sports interesting to you?

8 Verbs Like gustar Remember that in the previous sentences, the subjects are béisbol and deportes, and me and te are indirect object pronouns.

9 Can you fill in the blanks?
A mí gustan los deportes. A ella le leer. (interests) A nosotros gusta bailar. A ellos aburre estudiar. A vosotros molestan los gatos. A usted duele la cabeza. A tí te los Jets. (loves)

10 Now translate the sentences…
The actor loves science fiction. My mom likes potatos. Fishing does not interest you. (be careful) The film bothers him. I don’t like to go to bed. It makes me cry. Does she like to go shopping?

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