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Presentation to APWA Stormwater Committee January 16, 2015.

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1 Presentation to APWA Stormwater Committee January 16, 2015

2 Vision Trained, certified professionals will establish sustainable landscaping as the norm for homes, institutions, and public spaces, thus contributing to the restoration and protection of watersheds, groundwater, and public health throughout Washington.

3 What is ecoPRO? A training & certification program for landscape professionals that aims to satisfy the growing professional and consumer interest in sustainable landscape services The program is jointly administered by WA State Nursery & Landscape Association and WA Association of Landscape Professionals.

4 Program Goals #1: Provide credentials to individuals with expertise in sustainable landscaping practices

5 Program Goals #2: Provide consumers with a veritable means to judge qualifications

6 Program Goals #3: Impart practical knowledge for use in the field

7 Program Goals #4: Achieve widespread adoption of sustainable landscaping practices by professionals across WA

8 ecoPRO Can Help… …Landscape Professionals Implement BMPs. Protect and conserve soils Conserve water Protect water and air quality Protect and create wildlife habitat Conserve energy Use sustainable methods and materials Sustain healthy plants Protect human health

9 ecoPRO Can Help… …Provide Evaluation Data. Protocol to evaluate best management practices: Used by certified individuals Translated into environmental and health impacts

10 What’s Happened So Far? Program standards and sustainable best management practices (BMPs) Training curricula and certification exam Six-year business plan 3 trainings/50 professionals trained & certified since 2013 Funding & Support WA Department of Ecology (through National Estuary Program) WA Department of Agriculture Seattle Public Utilities WSNLA Scholarship & Research Charitable Fund In‐kind contributions from landscape industry

11 What’s Next? 1.Build demand for ecoPRO certification by landscape professionals 2.Build demand for sustainable landscape services by residents, commercial users, and public agencies 3.Identify “education partners” to help training and program grow geographically & increase number of certified professionals 4.Establish protocol to evaluate best management practices 2020 Goals Achieve market recognition state‐ wide Certify 700 professionals Serve: 30,000 residential customers 20,000 commercial and institutional customers 30% of public entities Be financially self‐sustaining

12 How Can We Partner? Sponsor a training Help fund a training in your region Provide scholarships or incentives to local landscape professionals for training Custom sponsorships Partner Benefits Recognition in e-newsletters, website, trainings Free training registrations Training Hosts/Sponsors So Far: Skagit Conservation District Cascade Water Alliance How Seattle Public Utilities Has Partnered: Initial funding Helped develop program Staff on Technical Committee Staff as training instructor

13 How Can We Partner? Promote – Help Build Demand Promote ecoPRO in outreach materials Link to local ecoPRO certified individuals on website Tour of local ecoPRO landscapes Incentive programs for hiring ecoPROs Phase-in requirement for ecoPRO certification into your own grounds maintenance Develop case studies

14 Questions? Find out more at

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