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Experiences of PROFIL On enhancing organic production and trade Presented by: Bouthsakone INTHALANGSEE.

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1 Experiences of PROFIL On enhancing organic production and trade Presented by: Bouthsakone INTHALANGSEE

2 The Promotion of Organic Farming and Marketing In Lao PDR (PROFIL II)

3 Project Objective To contribute to improved living conditions in rural areas of the Lao PDR, the good health of consumers, the sustainable use of natural resources and economic growth through the promotion of organic agriculture.

4 Expected Results Institutions and organizations promoting organic agriculture are strengthened A national certification body for organic agriculture is developed and function Value chains of certified organic products for the national (vegetables, fruits, etc.) and the international (coffee, ginger, rice etc.) market are promoted Market information, business opportunities, links and networking for organic markets are provided to interested stakeholders in Lao PDR

5 Partners Department of Agriculture (DOA), PROFIL collaborated with Clean Agriculture Development Center (CADC) and Plant Protection Center (PPC) Worked with Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office for Vientiane Capital and and Champasack province with 7 District Agriculture and Forestry Offices Start work with Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office Borikhamxay and Xiengkhouang

6 PROFIL focuses on 4 main areas 1) Institutional Development 2) Certification system Development 3) Value chain Development 4) Trade or marketing Development

7 Frame Conditions for institution development Led the creation and adoption of Lao Organic Standards, based on IFOAM norms Developed Laos Organic logo (Seal) Worked towards creation of Lao certification body, which participate in the new Certification Alliance (Cert All) of certification bodies (Lead by ICEA)

8 Laos organic standards -2004 PROFIL had developed national base on IFAOM basic standard, were approved by MAF in December 2005

9 Laos organic seal -Assist DOA to Develop national organic seal, it was registered with the science Technology Environment Agency

10 Certification experiences Facilitate producer to apply for LCB certification Set up ICS-internal Control System for farmer group Facilitate Lao operators to apply for international certification bodies Provide training on certification to value chain actors

11 Supporting Production Worked with 185 (137 ha) vegetable and fruit farm families in 14 villages and 570 (870 ha) rice farm families in 10 villages based on organic farming groups in Vientiane Worked with 8 ORVC group in Khoun District, Xiengkhouang Province and 7 ORVC groups in Borikhan District, Borikhamxay Province

12 Supporting Production (cond) Trained farmers on organic techniques such as composting, bio-control agents and use of plant extracts for pest control Farmer’s study tour to Thailand

13 Support Entrepreneurs of Organic Products Provide information Link to the organic producer groups Facilitate for internal and external certification Support them to participate in organic product exhibition events Link to organic market

14 Value chain development Organic vegetable and fruit value chain Organic rice value chain Other value chain

15 Support Organic Market and Products

16 Domestic Marketing Worked to educate consumers about organic products Created the Organic Market for farmers to sell their products directly to consumers Also selling organic rice, organic fruits and organic vegetables at retail stores in Vientiane

17 International Markets Raised awareness of Lao organic industry through an internationally oriented website Participated in trade shows such as BioFach, All Thing Organic Assisted organic coffee company to certify product for European markets

18 Marketing Distribute organic education materials and raise public awareness Facilitate and support farmer groups and private sectors to promote organic products and certification. Identify market information needs, conduct research and disseminate results (specific commodities) Marketing training for value chain actors Facilitate development and implementation of business and marketing plans


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