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Parts of a Flower Flip-Book Notes.

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1 Parts of a Flower Flip-Book Notes

2 Petal Carpel / Pistil 2. Stamen 5. Stigma -Anther -Filament 6. Style 3. Sepal 7. Ovary -Ovule

3 Petal Colorful part of the flower Used to attract insects

4 Stamen The whole male part of the flower

5 Anther Contains pollen The male reproductive organ

6 Filament Supports and holds up the anther

7 Sepal Protects the flower while it develops from a bud

8 Carpel / Pistil Whole female part of the flower
Includes: stigma, style, and ovary

9 Stigma Sticky part of the flower Receives pollen during fertilization

10 Style Tube on top of the ovary

11 Ovary Female reproductive organ Protects the ovule

12 Ovule (Egg) Once fertilized, the ovule will become the seed

13 Let’s Practice:

14 Let’s Practice:

15 Let’s Practice:

16 Let’s Practice:

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