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UNIT 2 Name_____________________________________

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1 UNIT 2 Name_____________________________________
Musical Theatre UNIT 2 Name_____________________________________

2 What is Musical Theatre?
A play that contains music, singing, dialogue, and dancing. All of these elements are used to move the storyline. Typically popular music of that time period is used.

3 Types of Musicals BOOK MUSICAL REVUE
Has a strong story line with music and dance that drives the characters and moves the plot. Example: REVUE Collection of songs with a common element. Mini plays within the show. Example:

4 Types of Musicals (ctd.)
CONCEPT MUSICAL A musical where the concept or message of the show has more importance than the story. Example: JUKEBOX MUSICAL A musical where the music used already exists and is specifically from one certain artist, genre, or time period. Example:

5 Types of Musicals (ctd.)
ROCK/POP OPERA A musical with only rock or pop music with little or no dialogue included. Characters sing the entire time. Example: REVIVAL A musical that has already been performed, but is brought back at a later date with added, updated elements. Example:

6 How did musical theatre begin?
New York, 1866 It began as an accident… Ballet dancers were added in at the last minute. Crude plot and dances and music didn’t align with the plot. But it was a start….

7 Roles in Musical Theatre
Director – casts show, gives actors blocking, vision of the show Choreographer – makes up and teaches the dances Musical Director – teaches music to actors and how to sing the songs Actor – people portraying the characters. Sing, act, and dance Ensemble – actors in the show that mainly dance and sing and are used to form crowds in scenes. Composer – writes the music Lyricist – writes the lyrics Playwright – writes the lines and story Stage Manager – organizes rehearsals and is in charge of the run of the show.

8 American Musical Theatre
Musical Format Develops Golden Age s Showboat is first musical with today’s format. 1931 first musical to win the Pulitzer Prize, Of Thee I Sing 1940s-1960s Oklahoma! Was written for the story not a star, which sets a trend. Rodgers & Hammerstien – influential musical theatre writing team that wrote thought-provoking plots and re-worked the musical theatre genre.

9 American Musical Theatre
African-American influence on Broadway with shows such as Dreamgirls and The Wiz. Controversial musicals begin to arise, Hair. Old-fashioned values are brought back into the picture. A Chorus Line won a Pulitzer Prize Musicals such as Annie Stephen Sondheim – gained popularity during this time period. Wrote musicals such as Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd. He has been called the “greatest lyricist of all time.”

10 American Musical Theatre
1980s-1990s Modern Day Musical were all about the outrageous elements. Examples: Cats, Les Miserables Pop/Rock operas Large corporation influence Examples: Lion King, Beauty and the Beast Plots from movies and other literary works Examples: Wicked, Legally Blonde

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