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The Playwright A person who writes plays A playwright writes the story and dialogue of a play, as well as many of the stage directions that the actors.

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2 The Playwright A person who writes plays A playwright writes the story and dialogue of a play, as well as many of the stage directions that the actors and director follow, to tell the story for the stage The playwright does not write the music

3 The Director The director is in charge of everything that happens on stage They guide the cast and crew toward the goal of creating a wonderful production Some directors also act, design, produce or write

4 The Composer Composers write many different styles of music for the theatre, this depends on what the musical is about that they are writing for Phil Collins wrote rock music for Tarzan Alan Menken wrote traditional songs for Beauty and the Beast Lebo M wrote world music, incorporating the sounds of Africa for The Lion King The composer not only writes the music for the songs but for in-between scenes and during dance numbers

5 Tarzan

6 The Lyricist The lyricist’s job is to write the words that go with the composer’s music Sometimes the composer is the lyricist but usually a composer and a lyricist team up to write the songs/music Tim Rice and Elton John are a popular songwriting team. For the Lion King, Tim Rice faxed Elton John the lyrics to the song “The Circle of Life” and Elton John sat down at his piano and wrote the melody in 20 minutes!

7 Tim Rice and Elton John

8 The Producer The Producer is the one that decides to put on a show and decides what the show is He/she then finds the people to do it (the playwright, director, designers, actors, composer, lyricist) and supervises their work The producer is also in charge of finding a theatre to perform in, advertising, publicity and ticket sales

9 Stage Crew The stage crew helps the show run smoothly and can have many different jobs Props- manages the props and sets them up before, after and during the show Electrics- runs the lights (turning on or off) and running special effects such as smoke Carpentry- in charge of moving the really big props or scenery on the stage Some shows require flying with ropes or trap doors that stage crew is in charge of

10 Other important people Musical supervisor and conductor: The person who teaches the singers the songs and conducts the orchestra during the show Choreographer: creates and teaches the dances in the show Fight directors: create and stage any combat or fighting in the show Publicist: arrange for critics to come to the show, special appearances for the cast and crew in stores or TV shows, any sort of advertising

11 Other important people Set Designer: designs everything on the stage- backgrounds, props Sound Designer: in charge of how everything sounds, from microphones to recorded sound effects needed Costume Designer: designs costumes, masks, wigs, hats or anything extra needed to bring the character alive such as tentacles for Ursula in The Little Mermaid or stilts for a giraffe in The Lion King Makeup Design: creates the makeup or face paint design the actors wear to enhance their character

12 The Little Mermaid

13 Music by Leonard Bernstein Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Opened on September 26, 1957 732 performances

14 West Side Story Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is set against the backdrop of gang warfare in the Puerto Rican ghetto of New York City. The Sharks and The Jets are opposing gangs. Tony was the leader of The Jets but removed himself from gang life. Riff is now the leader of The Jets and he pleads with Tony to come to a dance where the Jets are going to challenge the rival Sharks, led by Bernardo, to fight.

15 West Side Story When Tony meets Bernardo’s sister Maria, it is love at first sight. Tony tried to stop the fight, but he is too late. Bernardo has killed Riff. In a fit of anger, Tony kills Bernardo. A few days later, Maria sends a friend to tell Tony she still loves him. Instead, her friend lies to Tony and tells him Maria is dead. Tony ties to avenge her death but instead, he is killed by the Sharks. Maria finds Tony as he is dying. She begs the gang members to realize how misguided their hatred for each other is.

16 West Side Story

17 America lyrics OTHERS I like to be in America! O.K. by me in America! Ev'rything free in America For a small fee in America! ROSALIA I like the city of San Juan. ANITA I know a boat you can get on. ROSALIA Hundreds of flowers in full bloom. ANITA Hundreds of people in each room!

18 America lyrics con’t. ALL Automobile in America, Chromium steel in America, Wire-spoke wheel in America, Very big deal in America! ROSALIA I'll drive a Buick through San Juan. ANITA If there's a road you can drive on. ROSALIA I'll give my cousins a free ride. ANITA How you get all of them inside? ALL Immigrant goes to America, Many hellos in America; Nobody knows in America Puerto Rico's in America! ROSALIA I'll bring a T.V. to San Juan. ANITA If there a current to turn on! ROSALIA I'll give them new washing machine. ANITA What have they got there to keep clean? ALL I like the shores of America! Comfort is yours in America! Knobs on the doors in America, Wall-to-wall floors in America! ROSALIA When I will go back to San Juan. ANITA When you will shut up and get gone? ROSALIA Everyone there will give big cheer! ANITA Everyone there will have moved here!

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