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New Employee Training Program

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1 New Employee Training Program
Penumbra Company Houston

2 Vision Statement To develop a comprehensive training program for new employees.

3 Goal and Objective Establish a training program that includes at least one week of on-site job training. Each new employee will satisfactorily complete training before assuming other duties.

4 Today’s Situation Training done informally within each department.
No official on-site job training. New employees not properly educated about goals, procedures, and expectations of the company.

5 How Did We Get Here? Company used to be small enough that extensive training program was unnecessary. Company growing rapidly--need to integrate new employees smoothly.

6 Available Options Hire a person to coordinate a company training program. Advantage: Training would be more comprehensive. Disadvantage: Time and expense of hiring and paying program coordinator.

7 Available Options Equip each department to handle its own training
Advantage: On-site job training would be more relevant. Disadvantage: Training may not be consistent.

8 Available Options Do not implement a new employee training program at this time. Advantage: Save money in the short run on costs associated with training program. Disadvantage: Lose money in the long run by having less productive, less efficient, and less satisfied employees.

9 Recommendation Recommend establishing a company training program within 6 months. Results once program is operating as proposed: Increased confidence, morale, productivity, and job satisfaction of new employees. Begin taking applications for training program coordinator now.

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