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Buddhism Grade 6 Social Studies.

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1 Buddhism Grade 6 Social Studies

2 Facts About 490 million people follow Buddhism
Countries with the highest numbers of followers: China, Thailand, Japan & Burma 4th largest religion in the world Do not believe in a God

3 History of Buddhism Founded in Nepal in 563 BCE (before the common era) Prince Siddhartha Gautama founded it Known as Buddha

4 Life of Siddhartha Was a prince and never left the palace walls
Didn’t know about sickness, getting older, or death Left the palace walls for the first time when he was an adult and saw 4 things: An old man for the first time A sick man for the first time A dead man for the first time A monk

5 Big Change When he saw the monk he decided to be a monk and not a prince Left the palace and lived as a holy homeless man Wanted to find a way to not suffer Searched for the truth for 6 years but found nothing

6 Enlightenment One day, Buddha sat under a tree
Would not leave until he gained enlightenment Meditated and he finally understood Taught others what he learned This tree is called the bodhi tree It means tree of wisdom

7 Buddha’s Teachings Four Noble Truths Eightfold Path Created by Buddha
Main part of Buddha's first teaching Teaches why everything in the world is NOT perfect Eightfold Path Teaches followers 8 ways to live All practiced at the same time All begin with the word right Right means “best possible”

8 What did the Buddha teach?
The Four Noble Truths: To live is to suffer The cause of suffering is self-centered desire & attachments The solution is to eliminate desire and attachment, thus achieving Nirvana (“extinction”) The way to Nirvana is through the “Eight-Fold Path”

9 What is the Eight-Fold Path?
Wisdom: Right understanding Right motivation Moral discipline: Right speech Right action Right livelihood Mental discipline: Right effort Right mindfulness Right meditation

10 Cycle of Life BIRTH LIFE DEATH
Buddhists say there is a cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth until you gain enlightenment This cycle goes on and on This cycle is called reincarnation

11 Karma The actions a person does during his life
There is good karma and bad karma Whatever you do on purpose to someone, the same thing will happen to you later in life “You get what you give”

12 Breaking the cycle You can stop the cycle if you gain Enlightenment
This is called Nirvana Nirvana is perfect peace Nirvana is freedom from suffering Buddhists meditate to reach Nirvana

13 Three Jewels of Buddhism
Buddha Take safety in him Dharma Teachings of Buddha Four Noble Truths Sangha The people who follow Buddhism together Community

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