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1 Exclusive Secret Shopping Tool December, 2004.

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1 1 Exclusive Secret Shopping Tool December, 2004

2 2 What is PropShop? A FREE self-service tool that allows you send anonymous e-mail leads to properties in your management company that currently advertises with Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week Allows you to be sure your communities are following-up with leads in an appropriate and timely manner Helps you achieve an excellent lead-to-lease conversion rate from your leads by guaranteeing leads are not overlooked when they are received by the property

3 3 Why Use PropShop? Did you know that 49% of all Internet leads never receive follow-up? Use PropShop to ensure leads sent to your leasing office: Receive timely feedback Receive a complete and accurate response Receive a response that is free of spelling and grammar errors

4 4 Before you get started …  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher - OR - Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher Web browser must have JavaScript enabled A valid anonymous email address to send and receive PropShop lead responses Microsoft Excel What you need

5 5 Find PropShop on the PMC … … or access PropShop directly at com/propshop.htm

6 6 Login to PropShop Enter your Property Updater User ID and Password to access PropShop. Fields are not case sensitive. Don’t know your User ID and Password? Contact customer service at

7 7 Who Will You Shop? Choose which properties you would like to shop Click on the blue headers to sort properties by Property Name, Address, City, State and Date of last PropShop. Click continue.

8 8 Tips for the Lead Form Use an unfamiliar e-mail address to ensure that no one at the properties you shop can identify you. Examples: Yahoo!, AOL or HotMail e-mail accounts. Use this space to provide detailed information for your lead. Include # of bedrooms, rent range, amenities desired, etc. Complete all required fields and click Send Lead(s)

9 9 Thank you! Your lead(s) have now been sent! The Thank You page will list each property to which a PropShop lead was sent. These leads are not counted on your Monthly Activity Reports. Download the report right away.

10 10 Reporting Download this form, pre-populated with the properties you shopped. Record response date and time, follow up response date and time, and the name of the respondent. The report will calculate the response time and the property’s score.

11 11 Reward Your Respondents Respond quickly Use creativity Use proper grammar and spelling Overcome sales obstacles Use a small reward to recognize the respondents who:

12 12 Thank you!

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