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Class of 2018 Transition to High School Home of the Algonac Muskrats!

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1 Class of 2018 Transition to High School Home of the Algonac Muskrats!

2 Mrs. Blair Algonac High School Guidance Counselor (810) 794-4911 ext 1282 Follow me on Twitter – KarenBlairAHS Join my “Algonac High School Counseling Department” facebook page AHS website –

3 Mrs. Blair’s Resume Education 1983 Graduate of Algonac High School 1988 Graduate of Western Michigan University Bachelor of Arts (Secondary Education – English) 1997 Graduate of Wayne State University Masters of Education (Guidance Counseling K-12) Employment Experience (25 years in education) Algonac, Anchor Bay, Chippewa Valley Schools 1988-1990 (Substitute Teacher) Capac Jr./Sr. High School 1990 – 1998 (High School English Teacher) Powell Middle School (Romeo Schools) 1998-2001 (Middle School Guidance Counselor) Algonac High School 2001 – present (High School Guidance Counselor)

4 School Counseling Services Crisis Intervention (On-going counseling is referred) Academic Interventions 504 Plan Facilitator Credit Checks/ Graduation Audits Scheduling of Students Peer Mediation Career Counseling TEC Placement College Applications Financial Aide Assistance Local/National Scholarship Coordinators Military Liaisons And much more!

5 Visit the Student Service/Counseling Office Website Often! Student Services/Counseling Office

6 Algonac High School Staff Mr. Abe Leaver – Principal Mr. James Thiede – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Mr. Sam Dobbs – Discipline Officer Mrs. Karen Blair – Counselor (9-11) Mrs. Danielle Matzka Zipay – College Counselor (12 th grade counselor) Mrs. Rachelle Wynkoop – Media Specialist/IB Coordinator Mrs. Mary Shackett – SE Teacher Consultant 25 Regular Education Teachers (4 AHS Grads) 4 Special Education Teachers 2 Para-Pro Aides (work with special ed) 1 WIA Facilitator (AHS Grad) 3 secretaries

7 Starts at 7:35 AM Ends at 2:20 PM Two (2) lunch breaks Lunch is determined by your 4 th hour teacher! AHS Hours of Operation

8 Teachers 7:15 AM – 2:45 PM Many teachers arrive at AHS earlier than 7:15 AM and stay later than 2:45 PM. Students are encouraged to meet with teachers and Mrs. Blair before or afterschool.

9 High School Schedule Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1 st Hour: 7:35-8:35 AM 2 nd Hour: 8:40-9:38 AM 3 rd Hour: 9:43-10:41 AM A Lunch: 10:41-11:11 AM 4 th Hour Class (A Lunch): 11:16 AM – 12:14 PM 4 th hour Class (B Lunch) 10:41-11:39 AM B Lunch: 11:44-12:14 PM 5 th Hour: 12:19-1:17 PM 6 th Hour: 1:22-2:20 PM 5 minutes passing between classes!

10 Tuesday & Thursday Schedule 1 st Hour: 7:35-8:25 AM 2 nd Hour: 8:30-9:20 AM SEMINAR: 9:25-10:05AM 3 rd Hour: 10:10-11:00 AM A Lunch: 11:05-11:35 AM 4 th Hour Class (A Lunch): 11:40 – 12:30 PM 4 th hour Class (B Lunch): 11:05 – 11:55 AM B Lunch: 12:00-12:30 PM 5 th Hour: 12:35-1:25 PM 6 th Hour: 1:30-2:20 PM 5 minutes passing between classes.

11 All students have a seminar. After 2 nd hour. Tuesday & Thursday. 40 minutes Various topics including academic assistance, Leadership,P.A.S.S. mentoring and character education for freshmen. Four (4) rotations a year. Seminar is a great time to get help from a teacher.

12 P.A.S.S. Promoting Academic & Social Success Started in 2006/07 school year Eight (8) years of successfully helping students Targets – At-risk youth; matches them with junior or senior student mentor Services approximately 45 students each year = approximately 315 students positively impacted. Recently received Educational Excellence Award from the Michigan Association of School Boards

13 AHS Student Population Information We will have 582 students in the high school in the 2014/15 school year. Class of 2018 has 156 students Class of 2017 has 146 students Class of 2016 has 144 students Class of 2015 has 136 students

14 Earning High School Credits 23.5 REQUIRED 4 English 4 Math 3 Social Studies (US, Gov/Econ & World History) 3 Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics, 1 more science) 1 PE/Health 2 Foreign Language (Spanish I counts) 1 VPAA 5.5 Electives

15 23.5 REQUIRED to GRADUATE! Earn six (6) credits a year (Three (3) per semester) (Each class is.5 credit) 6x4=24 credits

16 Extra-Curricular Activities (.25 Credit Each) All Sports, Student Council, Quiz Bowl, SADD All sports are listed at the Athletics Website! Extra Credits

17 Class Status (Retention) A minimum number of credits are required for class status. To be a Sophomore = at least 5 credits To be a Junior = at least 11 credits To be a Senior = at least 16.5 credits

18 The High School Transcript Is a record of all the class taken and grades earned in high school. Middle school grades are not reported on the high school transcript. The high school grade point average is cumulative, meaning that all grades are averaged together. 4-point scale A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, E = 0 AP and IB are on a 5-pont scale A=5, B=4, C=3

19 AHS Ranking System AHS Ranking System Suma Cum Laude: 4.0 – 3.67 Magna Cum Laude: 3.66 – 3.3 Cum Laude: 3.29 – 3.0 Students in the Summa Cum Laude category will have an opportunity to compete for the opportunity to speak at graduation. The rubric is as follows: 1. Overall Grade Point Average 2. ACT Score 3. Class Selection Rigor Candidates will be invited to audition in front of a selection committee if they wish to be one of three speakers at graduation.

20 Academic Achievement Awards Each year students are honored for getting good grades. The assembly is held in the fall and called “Academic Achievement Award Assembly” Awards are earned based on grades earned in the “core classes”. Students must earn at least a 3.5 each marking period.

21 Importance of Grades/Testing  There are thousands of dollars worth of college scholarships to students who do well in high school and who do well on standardized tests (ACT/SAT/PSAT)  In addition, EPAS (Explore, Plan, ACT) scores are used for academic planning. Testing is in March each year.  PSAT is taken in sophomore & junior year. It is optional. NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) when taken junior year. Always in October.

22 HAVE A PLAN! Sample 4 year plans in the Algonac High School Scheduling Guide!

23 The IB Plan An IB Diploma is one of the most prestigious accomplishments a high school student can achieve IN THE WORLD. Algonac High School is proud to offer this opportunity to our students and hope that you will consider accepting the IB challenge! Though rigorous, we believe that ANY motivated student can be successful in the IB Diploma Programme with proper work ethic and time commitment. Successful (good marks and attendance) completion of the IB Diploma Programme can lead to admission in some of the elite universities in the world. Students that score well on IB assessments can earn numerous college credits. Consult with the IB Coordinator or your guidance counselor if you have questions about the IB Diploma Programme at AHS.

24 Freshman ScheduleSophomore Schedule Survey Literature & Composition (H)American Lit & Comp (H) Geometry (H)Honors Algebra II/AP Statistics Biology A/B(H)Chemistry U.S. HistoryGovernment/Economics PE/HealthElective /AP Statistics Spanish IISpanish III Junior ScheduleSenior Schedule IB English HL IIB English HL IB Mathematics SL IIB Mathematics SL IB Biology HL IIB Biology HL IB History of Americas HL IIB History of Americas HL IB Psychology SL I/Music SL 1 IB Psychology SL II/Music SL II IB Spanish SL IIB Spanish SL II TOK – Seminar (Mandatory)TOK – Seminar (Mandatory) Sample IB Diploma Programme Course Planner

25 The TEC Plan St. Clair TEC -- St. Clair Technical Education Center Students attend TEC during their junior & senior yrs TEC counts as elective credit AM TEC ONLY Must be to AHS by 6:55 a.m. AHS three (3) hrs and TEC three (3) hrs Application process for TEC during scheduling in sophomore year. Students are selected on grades & credits, attendance and behavior. Must also have done Career Cruising EDP ducation/ ducation/

26 Automotive Technology Collision Repair Cosmetology Culinary Arts Digital Media Technology Employer Based Health Careers Information Technology Mechatronics Metal Machining technology Teacher Exploration Welding

27 Freshman ScheduleSophomore Schedule Survey Lit & Comp (H) American Lit & Composition Algebra/Geometry(H)Geometry/Algebra II A/Algebra II /AP Stats Biology A/B Physics/Chemistry/A&P U.S. History Government/Economics PE/Health Elective Spanish I or IIElective Junior ScheduleSenior ScheduleTEC PROGRAMTEC PROGRAMTEC PROGRAMEuropean Lit & Comp/IB ENGL Algebra IIB/IB Math ISenior Math/IB Math II Science or World HistoryWorld History/Science or Elective St Clair TEC Four Year Course Planner

28 The Blue Water Middle College Plan  Students begin taking college classes through SC4 in 11 th grade. By the time they graduate, on this 5-year plan, they will have an associates degree, as well as a high school diploma.  Diploma is issued from the Blue Water Middle College, not Algonac High School.  First cohort will begin this fall (15 total)  Eight (8) in 11 th grade  Seven (7) in 12 th grade  Algonac, Capac, Memphis, PH High, Northern & Yale  Website --

29 Freshman ScheduleSophomore Schedule Survey Literature & Composition (H)American Lit & Comp (H) Geometry (H)Algebra II/Algebra II A Biology A/B(H)Chemistry or Chemistry A U.S. HistoryGovernment/Economics PE/HealthElective /AP Statistics Spanish IIElective Junior ScheduleSenior Schedule European Lit & Comp World Lit & Comp Algebra IIB Senior Math Physics/A&PElective World HistoryBWMC – SC4 Classes BWMC – SC4 ClassesBWMC – SC4 Classes Entire 5 th year at St. Clair County Community College! Sample Blue Water Middle College Course Planner

30 The Hybrid Plan Some students take some IB classes and some college classes with our general education and college prep courses. Our goal is to design a curriculum that allows each student to grow academically and learn more about themselves. We have something for everyone!

31 Freshman ScheduleSophomore Schedule Survey Literature & Composition (H)American Lit & Comp (H) Geometry (H)Algebra II/Algebra II A Biology A/B(H)Chemistry or Chemistry A U.S. HistoryGovernment/Economics Spanish IIHealth/PE Band Band Junior ScheduleSenior Schedule European Lit & Comp World Lit & Comp IB Math SL I IB Math SL II IB Biology HL IIB Biology HL II World HistoryDual Enroll – SOC 101, PS 101 IB Psychology SL IIB Psychology SL II BandBand The Hybrid Course Planner

32 SAMPLE 9 th grade Schedule 1 st hour –Biology I/II 2 nd hour – Geometry 3 rd hour – Survey of Lit & Comp 4 th hour – PE/Health 5 th hour – US History 6 th hour – Spanish I or II

33 The 9 th Grade Electives PE/health (required to graduate) Foreign Language (required to graduate) Band Choir

34 Schedules of 2014/15 Your student has a 9 th grade schedule already in our system. Band/Choir students that chose to stay have that as one elective. Foreign Language is required to graduate so your student will have Spanish I or II. Heath/PE is also required. Many will have that as an elective if they do not do band or choir. Honors classes (ENGL, MTH, BIO) were added based on 8 th grade teacher recommendations.

35 Viewing Schedules/Making Changes You will get a copy of the schedule at the end of the school year. Changes have to be made by emailing Mrs. Blair. ( Orientation for all students is Monday, August 25, 2014. More schedule changes, pictures are taken, locker assignments distributed, building tours.

36 Have a Post Secondary Plan! Visit college campuses. Attend college fairs/open houses. Meet with military recruiters. Discuss apprenticeship programs. Decide what you want to be! Career Cruising –

37 They can help you decide and make all this happen. Check out their website! erviceseducation/knowhow2go erviceseducation/knowhow2go A variety or workshops for parents & students.

38 If your student loses credits in high school, in order to get back on track and graduate, they must make up those lost credits in “credit recovery”. Minimum passing mark in 60% Online classes (E20/20) Mrs. Jennifer Brutyn– Credit Recovery Coordinator/Graduation Coach (810) 794-4911 ext 3228

39 The iPads! Student Distribution of I-Pads Student Distribution of Google Accounts Monday: August 18 th 9 th Grade A – F:8:00 – 9:30 G – L: 9:30 – 11:00 M – R: Noon – 1:30 S – Z:1:30 – 3:00 Friday: August 22 Make-Up Day (Pick-Up for any missing original dates)

40 Sign up for Parent Access (Skyward) & monitor it often. Stay in contact with your students teachers. Attend school functions. Show your student education is important. Have high expectations. Provide them with structure. Encourage them to be involved. Have homework time each night. Hold them accountable.

41 What a 9 th grader should do … Take challenging classes. Get good grades! Have good attendance. Create a 4-year plan. Develop good study habits. Join a sport or club. Get involved in school & community. Explore careers. Explore colleges and universities.

42 See you then! Go Muskrats!! 8th graders visit AHS this Friday, May 23  10:30 AM -- board buses to come over  10:45 -11:16 AM – Presentation lecture hall  11:16-11:46 AM – Lunch in AHS cafeteria  Three (3) groups rotate to listen to presentations about transition to high school.  Each presentation is 30 minutes long. Mrs. Wynkoop, Mr. Thiede and Mrs. Blair present.  1:31 PM – students board buses back to AMS

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