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Unit of Study Signs and Symbols

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1 Unit of Study Signs and Symbols
South Dakota Unit of Study Signs and Symbols

2 How Kola ! State greeting means “Hello Friend.”
I would like to welcome you to a power point presentation over the signs and symbols of South Dakota. You will be expected to fill in these names within the next few days.

3 State Seal

4 State Slogan Great Faces – Great Places

5 Mt. Rushmore State South Dakota Nickname

6 Animals of South Dakota
Chinese ring-necked pheasant – state bird Coyote – state animal Walleye – state fish Honey bee – state insect

7 South Dakota Flora Black Hills Spruce – State Tree
Pasque – State Flower

8 South Dakota State Song
Hail, South Dakota

9 Under God the People Rule
state motto

10 Miscellaneous State Symbols
State fossil - triceratops State gemstone – Fairburn Agate State mineral – rose quartz State jewelry – Black Hills Gold

11 South Dakota Capital

12 SD State Abbreviation 1889 Statehood

13 The End Back Home

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