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Created by: Theresa Hardy LOUISIANA FACTS Did you know….

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1 Created by: Theresa Hardy LOUISIANA FACTS Did you know….

2 Louisiana is the name of our state.

3 Louisiana has cities, towns and communities. It also has some rivers and waterways.

4 Louisiana has 64 Parishes.

5 Louisiana Parishes Vermilion Parish Can you name yours?

6 The State Capitol is in Baton Rouge. The Louisiana State Capitol is in Baton Rouge. Louisiana has the tallest state capitol building in the United States; the building is 450 feet tall with 34 floors.

7 There are many symbols for Louisiana.

8 Louisiana Amphibian: Tree Frog The Louisiana Amphibian is the Tree Frog.

9 State Flag The design consists of the pelican group from the state seal, in white and gold, and a white ribbon bearing the state motto, "Union, Justice, and Confidence", on a field of a solid blue.

10 State Flower - Magnolia The state flower is the magnolia. The bark from the magnolia tree has been used for many years in traditional Chinese medicine

11 State Wildflower: The Louisiana Iris The Louisiana Iris is considered the state wildflower.

12 State Bird: Brown Pelican The brown pelican is the state bird.

13 Louisiana Seal Louisianas first territorial governor, William Claiborne admired this bird and first used the pelican on official documents. The Louisiana State Seal was adopted as the official state seal of Louisiana in 1902.

14 Louisiana Insect: Honey Bee The Louisiana insect is the honey bee.

15 Louisiana Mammal: Black Bear The Louisiana mammal is the black bear.

16 Louisiana Tree: Bald Cypress The state tree is the Bald Cypress Tree. In the 1800s houses were built with these because there were so many around.

17 State Reptile: Alligator The alligator was adopted as Louisiana's state reptile in 1983.

18 State Freshwater Fish: White Perch The official state freshwater fish is the white perch.

19 State Dog: Catahoula Leopard Dog The State dog is the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

20 State Crustacean: Crawfish The State Crustacean is crawfish.

21 State Drink: Milk Milk was adopted as the official drink of Louisiana in 1983.

22 State Musical Instrument: "Cajun" accordion Louisiana's official musical instrument, the diatonic accordion, commonly known as the "Cajun" accordion, was adopted in 1990.

23 State Fossil and Gemstone Louisiana adopted petrified palmwood as the official state fossil, and agate, as found in Louisiana gravel, became the state gemstone (no photo available).

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