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South Dakota Fast Facts. South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. SD was the 40 th state to join the union. South Dakota is 77,121 sq. miles,

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1 South Dakota Fast Facts

2 South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. SD was the 40 th state to join the union. South Dakota is 77,121 sq. miles, which makes it the 17 th largest state in the U.S. The highest point in South Dakota is Harney Peak, while the lowest point in South Dakota is Big Stone Lake.

3 How much do you know about South Dakota? Do you know the… State AnimalState SongState FishState Capitol State Mineral / Stone State DrinkState BirdState Fossil State Nickname State Tree State Motto / Slogan State Gemstone State GrassState FlowerState Dessert State Musical Instrument State Seal / Flag State SoilState InsectState Jewelry

4 The South Dakota State Flower is the Pasque. It grows wild throughout the state. Its blooming is one of the first signs of spring in South Dakota. The Pasque is a small, lavender flower.

5 The South Dakota State Fish is the Walleye. South Dakota is known as the "Walleye Capital" of America. The lakes of the Missouri River in South Dakota have some of the largest fish per acre percentages in the world.

6 The South Dakota State Grass is the Western Wheat Grass. This bluish-colored grass. It can grow quickly because it is very tolerant of poor soil conditions. It is frequently used in land reclamation.

7 The South Dakota State Capitol is located in Pierre. The building was completed in 1910. It is built using limestone. It is one of the most fully restored state capitols in the United States.

8 The South Dakota State Animal is the Coyote. The coyote is a natural predator of small game and rodents. It hunts the open prairies and fields over the entire state. They are found most often along the Missouri River, its tributaries and in the Black Hills.

9 The South Dakota State Bird is the Chinese Ring-Necked Pheasant. The Chinese ring-necked pheasant was introduced to South Dakota in 1898. It is easily recognized by its colorful plumage. It is also known for its delicious meat.

10 The South Dakota State Dessert is Kuchen Kuchen is a very tasty dessert with crusty dough and custard filling. There are many recipes for Kuchun. Fruit is usually found in Kuchen, but cheese and sugar can be used too.

11 The South Dakota State Drink is Milk. Milk is good for you to drink. It helps strengthen your bones. Cows provide 90% of the worlds milk. You should have at least three servings of milk or milk group foods each day! Check out these sites:

12 The South Dakota State Fossil is the Triceratops. It lived over 65 million years ago,during the Cretaceous Period. The Triceratops was an herbivorous or plant-eating dinosaur. Its large horns were probably used for defense. It was one of the last surviving dinosaurs of the Age of the Reptiles.

13 The South Dakota State Gemstone is the Fairburn Agate The Fairburn agate is a semiprecious stone. It was first discovered near Fairburn, South Dakota. It is used in jewelry and is a favorite of rock collectors.

14 The South Dakota State Insect is the Honey Bee South Dakota is a leader in honey production. The honey bee was adopted as the state insect in 1978. The mild, clear clover honey is often shipped out-of-state to be blended with darker honey.

15 The South Dakota State Mineral / Stone is the Rose Quartz Rose quartz is mined in the southern Black Hills. It was discovered near Custer in the late 1880s. It is used primarily for ornaments and jewelry.

16 The South Dakota State Motto Under God the People Rule The South Dakota State Slogan

17 The South Dakota State Musical Instrument is the Fiddle Click to hear a song played by a fiddle.

18 The South Dakota State Nickname is The Mount Rushmore State South Dakotas nickname comes from Mount Rushmore, the world's greatest mountain carving.

19 The South Dakota State Song is Hail South Dakota Words and Music by DeeCort Hammitt Hail! South Dakota, A great state of the land, Health, wealth and beauty, That's what makes her grand; She has her Black Hills, And mines with gold so rare, And with her scenery, No other state can compare. Come where the sun shines, And where life's worth your while, You won't be here long, 'Till you'll wear a smile; No state's so healthy, And no folk quite so true, To South Dakota. We welcome you. Hail! South Dakota, The state we love the best, Land of our fathers, Builders of the west; Home of the Badlands, and Rushmore's ageless shrine, Black Hills and prairies, Farmland and Sunshine. Hills, farms and prairies, Blessed with bright Sunshine.

20 The South Dakota State Tree is the Black Hills Spruce The Black Hills spruce is in the evergreen family. The pyramid-shaped tree is characterized by dense foliage of short, blue-green needles and slender cones.

21 The South Dakota State Flag The South Dakota flag features the state seal surrounded by a golden blazing sun in a field of sky blue. "South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State" is arranged in a circle around the sun.

22 The South Dakota State Soil is Houdek The Houdek soil is deep, well drained, loamy soil. It was formed in South Dakota under the influence of prairie grass. Houdek is often used as cropland or rangeland. The Houdek soil was designated as the South Dakota State Soil in 1990. The soil has been mapped on about 600,000 acres.

23 The South Dakota State Jewelry is Black Hills Gold Black Hills gold is created and manufactured exclusively in the Black Hills. Each design has grapes and leaves in tri-color combinations of green, rose, and yellow gold.

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