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How to register for a Re-certification Clinic & More.

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1 How to register for a Re-certification Clinic & More

2 REGISTRATION Register for a class by picking the location of your choice; Make sure you pick a class that fits your schedule or criteria that the class offers.

3 New page: Click here to receive your USSF and test credentials. Existing referees: do NOT create a new profile.

4 Enter your email and press Submit You will then receive an email containing your login ID and Password. If your email address is not found, follow the instructions to receive your credentials.

5 Email Page:

6 Enter your User ID and password from the email you received;

7 Click Here to view your profile and to make changes such as entering your current email address.

8 Verify your information and update any changes to your profile. Then save:

9 Click Here to register for your class

10 Make sure you check the box for Referee Pick a class selecting the radio button next to the Clinic Name. If you are unsure you can click on To View Description

11 You must: read and answer the Conviction Question agree to the terms and conditions

12 Enter Your Credit Card Number (Visa or MasterCard) If you do not have one, you may acquire a Visa Gift Card from any retailer that sells gift cards. Make sure you have enough on the Gift card to cover your fees. Click continue.

13 You will be presented with a Receipt page and a receipt will be emailed to you. You must bring a copy of your Receipt to the clinic to verify your payment. Return back to the credentials email you received. To take the Recertification test, click on the Direct Link to be automatically logged into the test website

14 Test Site Page Verify your user Information. To change your email address, see the note below. Otherwise, select Click here to Take a Test Note: If you updated your email address on the USSF website, you will have to also do so here by selecting Display my user account information / Click here to edit your information.

15 Choose the appropriate test for your referee Grade level. You must take all 100 test questions. Test questions are randomized from a bank of different questions.

16 Start Test Here Time Limit: is 3 hours (180min) for Grade 8 Back Button: Allows you to move backwards to review/change prior answers. Restart: You can stop the test and restart the test at a later time. Skip: You can skip answering a question while taking this test. Note: Be sure to Log Out to stop your elapsed time.

17 Good Luck!

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