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E3S END TO END EVENT SERVICES A Comprehensive Wedding & Private Event Planners.

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2 E3S END TO END EVENT SERVICES A Comprehensive Wedding & Private Event Planners

3 धैरहं पृथिवीत्वम् । रेतोऽहं रेतोभृत्त्वम् । मनोऽहमस्मि वाक्त्वम् । सामाहमस्मि ऋकृत्वम् । सा मां अनुव्रता भव । I am the sky and you are the earth. I am the giver of energy and you are the receiver. I am the mind and you are the word. I am music and you are the song. You and I follow each other. ( विवाह कर्मकाण्ड - vivaaha karmakaanda)

4 From planning multiple Indian wedding events to taking care of your budget and guests, we know you have a lot on your hands! Our Planning and management team gives you all the tips and resources you need to bring your dream Indian wedding to reality. E3S – THE WEDDING GHARANA

5  Get The Job  Planning  Venue Selection - Destinations  Food and Beverage  Décor  Entertainment  The Photographer OUR SEVEN VOWS

6 We offer a variety of options for potential clients, ranging from simple consultations to full service wedding planning where we take care of everything. Often, we hear from brides who don’t really know what they need. We tend to present best suited ideas in a clean, sleek way making it easy for the couple to understand their options. GET THE JOB

7 Once we have the job, organization is key to a smooth wedding planning process because there are so many potential variables. We utilize maximum of our resources to present options to help the clients make each major decision regarding their pre wedding functions and weddings. All the information is send through emails and attachments which are easily accessible and have more impact on the viewer. PLANNING

8 Once we have a budget, guest count and time of year we immediately focus on finding the venue for the functions. When we are ready to present options to clients we simply create presentation that includes the following: Proposals from each venue Photographs of the venues Different floor plan options for each venue Breakdown of all costs VENUE SELECTION - DESTINATIONS

9 Once the venue is shortlisted we create a new presentation to cover food and beverage options either from caterers or hotels depending on the venue shortlisted by clients. We make sure to include: Proposals from each caterer Notes from each tasting An Excel spread sheet that clearly breaks down cost by caterer FOOD & BEVERAGES

10 There are often many facets to this section including flowers, furniture, lighting, staging and more. Depending on the client, it is sometimes necessary to break decor up into multiple levels. We always include the proposals from each vendor so that the client can easily compare their options. When we are early in the decor selection process, we often include inspirational pictures from vendors and other sources to make sure everyone is one the same page about the colour and styles. DECOR

11 Entertainment is usually an important element to each wedding. When reviewing the couples needs, We typically include the following: Proposals from each entertainment vendor Video clips of bands or artists performing Song choice lists We try and include vital information regarding all possible performances that can be arranged and give the wedding a grandeur appearance. ENTERTAINMENT

12 E3S makes capturing your story -- professionally, artfully and completely -- within reach and real easy. Our professionals are personally selected for their skill and dedication to telling your love story. With coverage starting at a remarkable cost and personalized packaging, receiving the high-end service your wedding deserves has never been easier. We make sure of presenting a lot of pictures to give the client a sense of photographer’s abilities. THE PHOTOGRAPHER

13 OUR SERVICES – The Helicopter View

14 Wedding Communications Venues and Locations Catering Design & Decor Engagement, Mehendi & Sangeet Styling Photography Entertainment Destination Weddings Private & Cocktail Parties

15 JPEGs- Our Event Galleria





20 From Director’s Pen… Allow us to lift the impact of your Wedding through our approach to constantly re- innovate, re-invent and making each experience unique and extraordinary in its own right. Need more reasons to decide your Event planning company??? Click: Book your day with us in advance to avail the best packages for event and photography – Contact Info: +91-9999865540/42 -VIVEK CHAUDHARY


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