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How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant Aftermarket Inception Computers & Graphics

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1 How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant Aftermarket Inception Computers & Graphics

2 How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant Hiring a Virtual Assistant is often the best thing you can do for your business. This person can handle all of the side tasks for you so you can focus on what’s truly important for your company. That not to say that assistants can perform only the simplest tasks. On the contrary: Virtual Assistants can perform a wide range of tasks so chances are that you will always be able to find a person who can do these things for you. There are many Virtual Assistants out there, so it’s vital to choose the right person for the job. Keep in mind that they should not only be a good Virtual Assistant (VA): they should also be a good match for you.

3 Here are some important things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant: Professionalism Your chosen Virtual Assistant should be professional and responsible. Just because the job is not performed in the office doesn’t mean professionalism should be forgotten. While it’s true VA positions give your employees certain freedoms (to work from home, for example), it doesn’t mean it’s any less serious than an office job. You need a person who understands this and who strives to provide the most professional services. This person should be punctual, accurate and enthusiastic. There are several ways to judge someone’s level of professionalism. Does this person answer your emails quickly and with a professional tone? What about phone conversations: do they take your calls immediately or put you on hold? Do they know how to keep a conversation polite but professional? All these little things show a person’s level of professionalism and seriousness and you can judge them all even before you decide to hire them.

4 Here are some important things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant: Knowledge It’s important that your chosen VA knows their job. This goes without saying. That being said, you need to give the person some time to figure out what your requirements are and how you like things to be done. Do not expect a Virtual Assistant to know everything about your company or about your unique requirements before you tell them. You need to expect a bit of a learning curve at the start of the employment. At the same time, you don’t want someone who doesn’t know the basics. Your chosen VA should be knowledgeable in the general tasks you require, or maybe even your niche. For example, if you need a writer, make sure that the person knows how to write. If you need someone to handle your appointments and make calls for you, make sure they know how to do that in a professional manner. If you need someone to handle your paperwork for you, make sure they have at least some experience doing paperwork.

5 Here are some important things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant: Find a Good Match One of the most important things about a Virtual Assistant is that you two click. You need to form a good match with your VA in order to make the job as smooth and productive as it can be. This is why it’s important not to hire the first person you encounter. Hiring the cheapest worker may also not be the right way to go. Also, there are many good professionals out there who can do a good work – but they might not be a good worker for you. Therefore, it’s important to make the right match between you, your company’s needs and a VA. Never underestimate the power of the gut feeling. If someone seems good on paper but just doesn’t seem to click with you, skip them. There might nothing wrong about them or the way they work, but if their working style (or even personality) do not match yours, it’s ok to seek someone else.

6 Here are some important things to consider when hiring a Virtual Assistant: Availability Another thing to note when choosing a Virtual Assistant is their availability. It has to match your requirements or else this VA is not the right one for you. Virtual Assistants work part time and full time; some work on weekends only while others only wish to work Monday to Friday. Some can dedicate maximum 10 hours per week to your project while others can work 40 hours. When deciding on a particular Virtual Assistant, ask about their availability. Before that, however, you need to know how much work you can offer. Virtual Assistants need to know how many hours per week they can work for your project, so try to be as specific as possible. Another thing to check is their time zone. One good thing about Virtual Assistants is that they can come from any place in the world, so they might not be in your time zone. In case you require someone from your time zone (or close to it), seek for Virtual Assistants living nearby. However, you might want someone who is not in your time zone so they can work during evening (for you) and deliver work in the morning. Again, it all depends on your requirements.

7 Additional Tips Here are some additional tips on what to look for in a Virtual Assistant: Their image. No, we don’t mean on their physical looks, but the way they present themselves online. A Virtual Assistant will usually have a profile or a page showcasing their work and competence. Take a look at the profile. Is it professional? Does this person know how to present themselves? Is their photo clear and professional? All these small things can tell you a lot about a person and how competent they are. Spelling and grammar. Even if you don’t need a writer or an editor, it’s important to choose someone who has a basic command of spelling and grammar. It’s more than a stylistic issue: being able to produce a professional-looking profile or an email shows a lot about person’s skills.

8 Additional Tips References. You might want to ask your VA about their past clients and other people you can contact for references. If you want to hire through one of the online job platforms, there will usually be reviews, so take a look at what other clients have to say about a person. Know what you want. Above all, it’s important to know what you want your VA to do. This is the only way to choose the right person for the job: you need to know what the job is and what is that you need done for you. Know your budget. While it’s usually not expensive to hire a VA (especially for part-time jobs), it’s important to know your budget. Keep in mind, though, that you should not go for the cheapest person around. It’s better to hire a better assistant (even if it means paying little more or hiring them for fewer hours) than a lousy assistant who happens to be cheap.

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