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Apple Inc ISO.

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1 Apple Inc ISO

2 Organisation chosen Apple Store
The company designs, manufactures and markets personal computers, portable digital music players, and mobile communication devices and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals and networking solutions.

3 History Of Apple Stephen Wozniak and Steve Jobs introduced Apple 1- it was a failure Apple II launched –this was a success Apple introduced their first mouse driven computer, the Macintosh $68 million lost Acquired NeXT Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO to reorganise and get rid of some unsuccessful product lines - agreement with Microsoft- MS Office used on Mac PC’s iPod first introduced Apple Computer, Ericsson and Sun Microsystems formed alliance to deliver multimedia content to wireless devices iTunes music store launched Signed licensing agreements with 3 of the largest European independent music labels, adding tens of thousands of new tracks to the iTunes store - 4th Generation iPod introduced iPod included in car stereos including Audi, Honda and Volkswagen - introduced mobile phones with iTunes in collaboration with Motorola and Cingular Wireles - iPod integrated with in-flight entertainment systems: Air France, Continental, Delta and Emirates changed name to Apple Inc - iPhone launched MacBook Air introduced The official Apple site is in the top 100 most visited sites in the world.

4 Major activities Providing Consumers with electronic hardware for example: Desktop computers, Laptops & servers. Handheld electronic devices for example Mp3 players & I Phones. Software applications for example being operating systems, Mac music software, Server software (Xserve) Technical support. Online

5 Information systems in use
Customer Registration database Online training. Online Shopping. Discussion Forums. Development/ operational research Software downloads, updates and support Org Chart of Senior Employees & contact information. Historical transactions & finical Db. Inventory management Db. Technical support reporting system ‘Apple expert’ possibly including: Repository for technical issues Database of most asked troubleshooting questions.

6 Information System we are looking at: Online purchasing
Creation and management of client accounts Shopping basket Credit card security system Shipping and distribution Inventory monitoring Screen shot from Apple store website. 11/5/2009

7 How we are going to locate information
A detailed report on the Apple corporation is available in the databases. This report was made on 16/3/2009 so should be the most up to date resource available to us. A secondary source will be the Apple website itself. This will provide us with the key processes involved in the system and give us an understanding of what the structure is and why each element is essential to the system. In addition to this we will look at other systems that could be used around it and systems in use by similar companies and analyse how and why they are different. Although the Apple site does not give a lot of information on their systems, we can use the face analysis of the system to draw our own conclusions with the assistance of prior knowledge on how online ordering systems operate.

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