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PIPISTREL d.o.o. AJDOVSCINA GORISKA CESTA 50 A SI-5270 AJDOVSCINA SLOVENIA tel: + 386 5 36 63 873 fax: +386 5 36 61 263.

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3 white colour surface finish, interior in matte grey interior in matte grey INCLUDED IN BASIC PRICE:

4 four-stage flaperons

5 automatic wing control connectors and click-on fuel connectors at wing root

6 integrated wing fuel tanks, 2 x 30 L with filler necks and vents

7 visual fuel quantity indicator

8 top-wing mounted airbrakes lever

9 2-blade variable pitch propeller with feathering capability

10 spinner

11 anchoring points at wings

12 fast screws on engine covers

13 Pitot-static tube with dedicated cover

14 main wheels fairings stearable nose wheel with fairing (nose wheel version) stearable tail wheel with automatic clutch mechanism for easy hangar movements (tail wheel version)

15 noise-reducing firewall

16 baggage pouch behind the seats

17 3-point Schroth seat belts

18 hydraulic disc brakes on main wheels with pedal mounted brake levers

19 cabin upholstery in blue colour

20 confortable seats with adjustable head-rests

21 full dual controls

22 mechanical (spring-type) elevator trim

23 3-point safelock door fixation

24 cabin ventilation duct on the left door

25 ventilation slide-window on right door

26 rivetted and glued UV-protection scratch free LEXAN® glass surfaces

27 Rotax 912 UL2 engine, 80HP twin-carbureted integrated gearbox 1 : 2.27 ratio

28 electric engine starter fuel gascolator

29 all control cables in teflon coated bowdens

30 rectifier acid-free dry type battery battery disconnection switch

31 electric auxilliary refuelling pump

32 instrument panel master switch 5 fused switches with LED warning indicators 12V cigarette lighter socket magnetoswitchesstarterbutton battery disconnection switch Brauniger Alpha MFD slip indicator magnetic compass

33 master switch (key type)

34 starter button

35 5 fused switches with LED warning indicators

36 magneto switches

37 Brauniger Alpha MFD – digital multifunction cockpit display FEATURES: monitors all flight parameters monitors all flight parameters monitors all engine parameters monitors all engine parameters monitors fuel consumption monitors fuel consumption stall speed alarm stall speed alarm VNE (overspeed) alarm VNE (overspeed) alarm oil pressure, temp. limit alarms oil pressure, temp. limit alarms electronic logbook & timer electronic logbook & timer clock clock flight data recorder flight data recorder MEMO mode MEMO mode and more and more... and more and more...

38 slip indicator

39 battery disconnection switch

40 12V cigarette lighter socket

41 cabin heating system

42 magnetic compass

43 pilot kit – essential tools set Tool set with some spare parts: screws screws washeres washeres gaskets gaskets etc. etc.

44 Rotax ownners tool kit

45 airfoil template, used to determine level during weighing procedure

46 For all additional information about Pipistrel products please contact our dealer near you: 33representatives

47 REPRESENTATIVES IN EUROPE: CROATIA: SHAFT d.o.o. Contact: Ing. Ivan Vdovjak B. L. Mandica 161-a Osijek Telephone:..385(0) Telefax:..385(0) Hot line:..385(0) (0) (Zupanija Zagrebacka) Contact: Mr. Tomislav Presečan Ivana Horčičke 18 (10310) Ivaniško Graberje Hrvatska Telephone:..385 (0) Fax:..385 (0) Mob:..385 (0) FRANCE: INTER ULM Contact person: Mr. Philippe Zen Route de Lucey Yenne Telephone :..33 (0) Telefax:..33 (0) and countries: ALGERIE, BELGIQUE, BENIN, BURKINA- FASSO,CAMEROUN, CONGO REPUBLIQUECOTE D`IVOIRE, DJIBOUTI,HAITI,GABON, GUADELOUPE, GUAYANE, GUINEE, GUINEE BISSAU, LUXEMBOURG, MALI, MADAGASCAR, MARTIQUE, MAROC, MAURICES ILLES, MAURITANIE, MAYOTTE, NIGER, NOUVELLE CALEDONIE, POLYNESIE FRANCAISE, REPUBLIQUE CENTRAFRICAINE, REUNION ILLE,TAHITI, TUNISIE, TCHAD, SAINT MARTIN, SENEGAL, SEYCHELLES, TOGO CZECH REPUBLIC : Contact: Mr. Milos Golubovic AIR V.I.P. Service, Ltd Terronska 67/ Prague 6 Czech Republic Telephone: Fax: Hot line: letadel.htm

48 REPRESENTATIVES IN EUROPE: GERMANY: FLIGHT TEAM Contact: Mr. Peter Götzner Hauptstrasse Ippesheim Telephone:..49 (0) Telefax:..49 (0) Telefax:..49 (0) (0) Hot line: Hot line:.. 49 (0) und 49 (0) und HUNGARY: Contact person: Mr. Huba BAJUSZ 6726 Szeged, Hargitai 13 Hungary Telephone: Szeged Airport ( ICAO Code: GREECE : P.R.E.L. AEROSPORT CENTER Contact person: Mr. Panayiotis Skilitsis 108 K. Karamanli.str Thessaloniki Telephone :..30 (0) Telefax:..30 (0) Mobile:..30 (0) http: http: // Mr. Michael Anastasiou Contacts in Greece: Tel : Cell: Fax: Fax USA: Globally

49 REPRESENTATIVES IN EUROPE: ITALY: PIPISTREL ITALIA Contact person: Mr. Cerboneschi Fabbrizio Via Firenze Pontedera Pisa Telephone: Telefax: Hot line: FLY SYNTHESIS srl Contact person: Mrs. Sonia Felice Via Gorizia Gonars (UD) Telephone: Telefax: ULTRA - L CENTRUM Contact person: Mr. Artur Siwinsky Hot line:..48 (0) Contact: Mr. Rigo Costantino Via Gassarello 30b Santa Maria di Sala (VE) Telephone/Fax:

50 REPRESENTATIVES IN EUROPE: PORTUGAL: Contact person: Mr. Antonio Manuel Alves R. Joao Frederico Ludovice, no 26 -5E Lisbon Portugal Telefax TM AVIASPORT, S.A. Almazara Tres Cantos ( Madrid ) SPAIN Telephone: (34) Telefax: (34) Director: Mr. Roberto Jiménez Quinones Contact person: Mr. Aurora Cárcamo Contact person: Mr. Maribel Cachero SCG : PEGAZ d.o.o. Contact: Mr. Miroslav Stancevic Ul. Milosa Crnjanskoga Stara Pazova Telephone/Fax:..381(0) Telephone:..381(0) Hot line:..381(0)

51 REPRESENTATIVES IN EUROPE: SWITZERLAND : Contact person for German Canton: Mr. Peter Götzner Telephone:..49 (0) Telefax:..49 (0) Hot line:.. 49 (0) und

52 REPRESENTATIVES IN S AMERICA: BRAZIL : STARFLIGHT INDUSTRIA AERONÁUTICA LTDA Contact: Mr. Augusto Barrozo Aeroporto de Nova Iguacu Av.Governador Roberto Silveira 1585 CEP Nova Iguacu RJ BRAZIL Telephone: (21) Fax. (21) (21) website: Contact Persons: Mr. J. Hugo Herrera Mier T. Azueta # 31 Manzanillo Col Mexico Telephone in Mexico City: 0052 (5) (12 LINES) fax: 0052 (5) , ext 132 Phone in Manzanillo: and Contact: Mr. Rodolfo Concha Imana VENEZOLANA DE MATERIALES C.A. RIF J-O AV. CARABOBO SUR MARACAY- EDO ARAGUA VENEZUELA tel. fax: home: office: cel phone My other mail box is:

53 REPRESENTATIVES IN AMERICA: USA : PIPISTREL USA Contact person: Mr. Michael Coates Telephone: Dealer Lincoln Nebraska Midwest Sport Planes Contact person: Mr. Larry Geiger Telephone: Dealer for Minnesota and Wisconsin Contact person: Mr. David Dixen Minnwis Aviation Inc Telephone: Cell phone: Dealer New Mexico Contact person: Mr. Robert Mudd Telephone: Dealer for Northern California, Northern Nevada and Oregon Contact person: Mr. Frank Vance Turner Tel. fax home: Tel. office: Cell phone: Airborne Rd. Rescue, CA (Rescue, Dealer for Florida and South Eastern USA Contact person: Mr. Richard Sheldon Telephone: and

54 REPRESENTATIVES IN AFRICA: SOUTH AFRICA : Contact person: Mr. G.J. Kobus Nel PIPISTREL SA Adress: P.O. Box Nassau Street NIEUWOUDTVILLE 8180 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Telephone: (27)-(0) Fax: (27)-(0) Mobile: (27)-(0) KENYA : Mrs. Dana Tilson & Mr. Peter Allmendinger Adress: Box 926 Nyeri KENYA Mobile Phones: Dana Tilson: 254-(0) Peter Allmendinger: 254-(0) s: Dana Tilson: Peter

55 REPRESENTATIVES IN ASIA: JAPAN : Contact Person: Mr. Tak Kohyama Kamezawa Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan Telephone: Fax: CHINA : SHANGHAI MONT. BLANC CONSULTING CO.LTD. Contact person: Mr. David Huiming Tan 28 Huamu Road Shanghai R.R. China Telephone: , Telefax: Mobile: E.mail:

56 REPRESENTATIVES IN ASIA: TAIWAN : Contact person: Mr. David Shu Adress: No 6 Min Lo 3rd Road Hualien City Taiwan R.O.C Telephone: or : THAILAND : Contact person: Mr. Nitt Charusorn Adress: 21/1 Sukhumvit 36, Prakanong Klongteir, Bangkok THAILAND Telephone: or lightbangchong.html Bang Chong Airport Petchburi. North of Hua lightbangchong.html

57 REPRESENTATIVES IN OCEANIA: AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND : Contact person: Mr. Michael Coates Factory 4, No.24 Leda Drive Leda Business Park Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia 4220 Telephone within Australia: Fax: Telephone outside Australia: Fax: Web: Telephone Contact Outside Aust:


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