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Electromagnetic Waves

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1 Electromagnetic Waves

2 Electromagnetic Waves
Waves that consist of electric and magnetic fields that vibrate at right angles to one another. Radiation- the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves. Travel without a medium

3 Electromagnetic Spectrum
All of the frequencies of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

4 Visible Light A very narrow range of wavelengths and frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum that human can see.

5 Electromagnetic Spectrum Activity
You and your partner are going to create your own diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum on a sentence strip. Draw a line with decreasing wavelength and increasing frequency. For each classification of electromagnetic waves: describe the type of wave Specify the range of wavelengths Draw a picture. Use pages to gather information.


7 Interactions of Light Waves

8 Practice Question List at least two ways that you can determine the wavelength of a wave.

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