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Electromagnetic Waves

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1 Electromagnetic Waves

2 EM waves are transverse waves

3 Electromagnetic Waves are Classified Based on their Wavelength


5 Journal Entry Essential Questions
How are electromagnetic waves and mechanical wave alike and different? What are the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum? How is each used in real life?

6 Types of Electromagnetic Waves

7 What are EM Waves? EM waves are non-mechanical waves.
They do not need a medium to travel. EM waves are produced by a vibrating electric charges.

8 EM waves exist in an enormous range of frequencies.
This continuous range of frequencies is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

9 Longest Wavelength Shortest Wavelength

10 How are they different from one another?
They differ from each other in wavelength. Remember: wavelength determines frequency. Higher Frequency=More energy

11 Scientist subdivide the spectrum into smaller parts mostly on the basis of how each region of EM waves interacts with matter.

12 Size of wavelength


14 Visible Light Waves


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