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Electromagnetic Spectrum

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1 Electromagnetic Spectrum

2 Answer Me!!! What does the sun send to the Earth?

3 Electromagnetic Waves
All waves in the electromagnetic spectrum travel at the speed of light (3.00 x 108 m/s) Each type of electromagnetic wave is identified by its wavelength (or frequency) The diagram in the reference table demonstrates each of these waves.

4 Types of Electromagnetic Radiation

5 Practice Problem 1 The wavelength of a helium nucleus moving with a speed of 2 x 106 m/s is 4.9 x 10-14m. The wavelength of this nucleus is the same order of magnitude as which type of electromagnetic radiation?

6 Practice Problem 2 In which part of the electromagnetic spectrum would photon B be found? Photon Energy (J) Frequency (Hz) A 6.63 x 10-15 1.00 x 1019 B 1.33 x 10-20 2.00 x 1013

7 Frequency and Wavelength
Remember for waves: v = fl And the speed of electromagnetic radiation is 3.00 x 108 m/s or the speed of light (c). c = fl

8 Practice Problem 3 Calculate the wavelength in a vacuum of a radio wave having a frequency of 2.2 x 106 Hz.

9 Practice Problem 4 A 2.00 x 106 Hz radio signal is sent a distance of 7.30 x 1010 m from Earth to a spaceship orbiting Mars. Approximately how much time does it take the radio signal to travel from Earth to the spaceship?

10 Answer Me!!! Determine the color of a ray of light with a wavelength of 6.21 x 10-7 m.

11 Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic radiation is produced when an electron moves from an excited state to a lower energy state. The higher the electron descends from, the higher the frequency will be.

12 Propagation of EM Radiation
Electromagnetic Waves travel by fluctuating electric an magnetic fields perpendicular to one another.

13 Visible light spectrum
The visible light spectrum includes all of the electromagnetic radiation that the human eye is sensitive to. High Frequency  Low Frequency White Light is produced when all of the frequencies of visible light are present.

14 Refraction and Dispersion
As light travels from one medium to another, that light will refract. Each frequency of light will refract a different amount. This phenomena is called dispersion.

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