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Families come in many forms:

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1 Families come in many forms:
Each form has advantages and disadvantages or concerns, the following are just a few

2 Nuclear Includes a mother, father, and one or more children

3 Advantages of Nuclear Family
Two parents to share in the childrearing and household chores There are Male and Females role models for the children to learn from

4 Disadvantages of Nuclear
Parents need to agree on the childrearing and disciplining of the children

5 Single-Parent Family Includes one parent and one or more children
Most single-parent homes are led by mothers But Single-parent homes led by fathers is a growing structure in our country

6 Advantages of Single-Parent Families
Parents can be independent of other adults Do not have to agree with anyone on child rearing

7 Disadvantages of Single-Parent Families
Only one parent to be responsible for child rearing and household chores Only one sex role model for the children One income household

8 Extended Family Includes relatives in addition to mother, father, and children; for example, grandparents or aunts and uncles

9 Advantages of an Extended Family
More adults to share with the childrearing and household chores More adult role models More financial support to the household

10 Disadvantages of the Extended Family
Living space may have to be shared by the family members, such as bedrooms Members of different generations may not agree on childrearing

11 Blended Family Includes parents with children from former marriages and relationships

12 Advantages of Blended Families
Two parents to share with the childrearing and household chores There are a Male and Female role model for the children

13 Disadvantages of the Blended Family
Family must adjust to new family rules and expectations Member may have to share space

14 Adoptive Family Includes at least one child who is not the biological child of the parents but who is legally adopted

15 Advantages of Adoption
Provides a home for a child who needs parents and a child for adults who want them

16 Disadvantages or Concerns of Adoption
It is a legal process that may take a lot of time and money Child may have physical or emotional problems

17 Foster Family Includes at least one child that is not the biological child of the parents but is cared for by the family for a period of time

18 Advantages Provides a home for a child

19 Disadvantages or Concerns
Child may have physical or emotional problems It is a temporary arrangement and members may become attached to each other

20 Childless Family A couple without children

21 Advantages Freedom of lifestyle
Free to travel and have demanding careers

22 Disadvantages May be lonely and need care in their aging years
No one to carry on the family name or inheritance

23 Single Family Adults that live alone or with roommates

24 Advantages Free to have lifestyle of their choosing

25 Disadvantages of Single Living
May need assistance in the aging years May be lonely

26 The Family Life cycle A family goes through a series of six stages called the family life cycle.

27 Beginning Stage A couple comes together to establish and home and marriage relationship.

28 Expanding Stage The couple has a child and adjusts to parenthood.

29 Developing Stage As children grow parents work to meet their needs.

30 Launching Stage Children leave home to support themselves.

31 Empty Nest All children have left the home and couple prepares for retirement.

32 Retirement The couple stops full time employment and adjusts to having more free time.

33 Functions of a Healthy Family
Things a healthy family system provides for each member

34 Provisional Parents provide children with basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter

35 Socialization Teaching children to conform to social standards

36 Recreational Families involve children in activities for fun and self-development

37 Therapeutic Families listen to problems and give emotional support

38 Kinship Families give a child a sense of belonging, expressing ethnic and religious traditions

39 Concerns Facing Families Today
Each family is faced with special challenges and concerns in today’s society, these are just a few:

40 Latch Key Children School age children left alone for a short period of time after school until parents get home from work

41 Latchkey Children Should know how to answer the door and phone safely
Should be able to prepare a simple snack, not using the stove Should have a relative or neighbor close by if emergency would occur, or child feels unsafe

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