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Environmental Issues Human Impact on the Environment.

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1 Environmental Issues Human Impact on the Environment

2 Oops… Humans did not set out to ruin the biosphere (area of planet that sustains life) Some choices we have made have had negative effects on the environment and we need to address them

3 Acid Rain SULFUR introduced into the atmosphere by smokestacks from factories can combine with water vapor to produce SULFURIC ACID Sulfuric acid is carried to the earth’s surface in acidified precipitation called ACID RAIN Acid Rain has a pH that falls below 5.0

4 Ozone Depletion The decrease in the earth’s OZONE LAYER allows more UV rays to reach the earth’s surface. This has caused an increase in SKIN CANCER (which has nearly doubled since 1980) CFC’S ( CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS ) cause ozone depletion

5 Global Temperature The global temperature has been increasing rapidly for more than a CENTURY Global WARMING is followed by centuries of COLD Human activity contributes to global warming Warmer temperatures raise sea levels (by melting more ice) and decrease agriculture output (by affecting weather patterns).

6 Greenhouse Effect Bonds in CO 2 absorb solar energy This traps HEAT within the ATMOSPHERE The INCREASE in carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is from the burning of fossil fuels

7 Deforestation Clear-cutting of forests causes erosion, flooding, and changes in weather patterns. The slash-and-burn method of clearing forests for agriculture increases atmospheric CO 2, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.

8 Effects of Chemical Pollution Pesticides such as DDT have been used to control insects The chemicals end up in the water supply As molecules pass up the TROPHIC levels, they become more CONCENTRATED This is called BIOLOGICAL MAGNIFICATION, or biomagnification

9 Human Introduction of Organisms Nonnative plants and animals that are introduced into a habitat where they harm or endanger native plants and animals are invader, invasive, exotic, or alien species

10 Human Population The number of humans inhabiting the Earth is rising exponentially –Longer life spans –Better food/medicine –Technology When will we run out of space? When will we run out or resources?

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