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This summer I went to Colombia and visited my family and friends.

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1 This summer I went to Colombia and visited my family and friends.

2 I stayed in Medellín, which is where I used to live two years and a half ago. I was born in New Westminster on November 21 st, 2000. When I was around 3 years old, we moved to Colombia, where my parents and brother had come from 5 years ago.

3 I lived there for 10 years. I went to school, made friends and spoke Spanish all the time. In my school, there was English class (just how there is French class here). That class was my favourite, I really enjoyed it and for some reason, I was quite good at it. I participated on the annual Spelling Bee there was at my school, from grade 2 to grade 5. I never actually won, but I enjoyed learning new English words and knowing how to spell them.

4 I never really thought I would move to Canada in 2013. I did plan to come back when I graduated from school, but never so soon. On November 21 st of 2012, my parents gave me a trip to Vancouver as a birthday gift. My parents, brother and I, were all going to visit for the first time since we were back, in January. I was extremely excited, I couldn’t wait.

5 We were going to leave my brother in Canada, since he had graduated from school (the school year there goes from mid-January to mid-November). I had a great time. I loved every place we went to and enjoyed visiting old family friends, some I didn’t even remember. In April of the same year, my family decided it was good for me to go to Canada as well, to improve my English since it would be good for the future.

6 I was a bit scared to hear that I would be moving miles away from home, to start in a completely different school with new people and a new language. It was like a new life for me. Like hitting the refresh button and having to start all over again.

7 And that’s how it all started. But ever since that day, I had never gone back to Colombia… until this summer.

8 The whole trip was amazing. I felt like I was in a dream, that got better by the moment. I was so happy to finally see my family after such a long time. I had missed them so much, it felt magical to hug them and hold their hand. To finally see my dog, something I had been waiting for ever since I left. To be able to touch his smooth hair, to be able to kiss him everywhere without caring, to be able to sleep in with him and wake up to watch him be excited to see me; it was all better than I could ever imagine.

9 The food, one of the things I miss the most. Being there meant being able to eat all of the delicious treats that I could never find here. For example this drink, by just looking at it, it looks like a regular lemonade, but it is much more than that. Guarapo does taste like a lemonade, with such a strange yet delightful sugary taste. It’s that type of beverage that you have to try, to know what I am talking about. Guarapo

10 All from arequipe donuts to empanadas. Taking a bite of these tasty foods again made me feel like I was in heaven. They are all so great and incredible.arequipe empanadas Or what about this? A huge slice of pizza, made of 4 smaller ones. My taste buds were having a party all throughout the trip.

11 But how could I leave Colombia without visiting my old friends? I got to go to my old school and say hi to all the girls that were part of my childhood as well as some teachers. I also got to hang out with my best friend a few times, I had such a good time. I was so happy to finally get to see everyone after such a long time.

12 Even when I was leaving, the view was still gorgeous. That’s one of the best things about Colombia, the view anywhere you go is beautiful. I loved going back. It was probably one of the best summers ever. Being able to smell the foods that I had dreamed of for years. Hearing everyone talking Spanish. It was all perfect, and I loved every bit of it.

13 Done by: Carolina Chavarriaga. Hyperlinks: _juice _leche olombian-empanadas-empanadas- colombianas

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