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METACOGNITION MAN Super-Powerful Reading Strategies!

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1 METACOGNITION MAN Super-Powerful Reading Strategies!

2 PREVIEW AND PREDICT Think about the title, the illustrations, and what you have read so far. Tell what you think will happen next or what you will learn. Keeps mind focused on reading. Helps understanding & makes you connect. Before reading and during reading, when you stop.

3 YOU TRY IT! The Mummy Mystery What have you read before? What movie or book that you know might this short story be like? Now, read page one and STOP!!! Predict with your partner what might happen in this story. Take a minute to talk. Metacognition Think about your thinking. Does having thought ahead affect your feelings about reading further ?

4 INFER Use clues in the text and what you know to draw conclusions. Try to figure out things that the author does not say directly. Adds meaning and relevance. During reading, when you come to a stopping point.

5 YOU TRY IT! Why is Lena not worried about being lost?? What reason do you think the author has for having Molly be afraid? Metacognition Think about your thinking. Does thinking more deeply about the characters at this point make you remember more about them? Can you figure out why the author may have included details that at this point do not seem important?

6 Phonics/Decoding When you come to a word you don’t know... Look for word parts you know and think about the sounds for the letters. Blend the sounds to read the word. Ask yourself: Is it a word I know? Does it make sense in what I’m reading? If not, ask yourself: What else can I try?

7 Monitor/Clarify Ask yourself if what you are reading makes sense or if you are learning what you want to learn. If you don’t understand something, reread, read ahead, or use the illustrations.

8 Question Ask yourself questions about important ideas in the story. Ask yourself if you can answer these questions. If you can’t answer the questions, reread and look for answers in the text.

9 Evaluate Ask yourself: How do I feel about what I read? Do I agree or disagree with it? Am I learning what I wanted to know? How good a job has the author done?

10 Summarize Think about the main ideas or the important parts of the story. Tell in your own words the important things you have read.

11 Connect Think about what you already know about the text. Find ways to relate the text to yourself, other text, and the world around you. Relate personally to what you read.

12 Visualize Create a mental picture in your head of what is going on in the story. Look for details about people, places, and events. (Vivid details) Use these details to form a picture in your mind’s eye.

13 And Now... 1. Why does Molly want to get back to the class? 2. Why does Officer Johnson insist the girls stay? 3. How did the food get into the mummy’s wrapping? 4. Did Dr. Treavor’s theory have anything to do with a mouse or other creature? What strategies were most helpful to you in reading this story? What strategies do you use when you are reading? Why do you find them helpful?

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