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Becoming an Active Reader The Genres and Reading Strategies.

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1 Becoming an Active Reader The Genres and Reading Strategies

2 What does the term Active mean? 1. moving about 2. busy 3. doing something 4. having an effect 5. showing involvement 6. showing energy 7. needing and using energy

3 Active Reader A reader who is engaged in mental activity while they read. Active readers think, question, and react to what they read. As a result, they benefit from their reading experiences.

4 Preview Look at the title, the pictures, and the first paragraph. What do they tell you about what you’re about to read?

5 Set a Purpose Know why you are reading-for information, for enjoyment, or to understand a process.

6 Connect Think about whether the characters or situations remind you of people or experiences in your life.

7 Use Prior Knowledge Jot down what you already know about a topic. Use these notes to help you make sense of what you read.

8 Predict Guess what will happen next. Look for details in the selection that serve as clues.

9 Visualize Picture the scene in your mind using the writer’s descriptions of settings, characters, and events.

10 Monitor Check your understanding as you read. Question what is happening and why. Clarify what is unclear by rereading or asking for help.

11 Make Inferences Make logical guesses about characters and events by considering details in the text and your own experiences.

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