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English 10 Week 5 Becoming Experts in our Topic. Eng. 10 DO NOW: 2/10/24 Name one source you found last week for your topic. (The source could give you.

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Presentation on theme: "English 10 Week 5 Becoming Experts in our Topic. Eng. 10 DO NOW: 2/10/24 Name one source you found last week for your topic. (The source could give you."— Presentation transcript:

1 English 10 Week 5 Becoming Experts in our Topic

2 Eng. 10 DO NOW: 2/10/24 Name one source you found last week for your topic. (The source could give you evidence for your side, evidence for the other side, or just informing you about the topic. How credible do you think your source was and why? ONLY AFTER YOUR WRITE YOUR RESPONSE, take a “cheatsheet” handout. Using the cheatsheet, do you still think your source is credible? Why or why not?

3 Eng 10 8pth pd DO NOW 2/10/14  What does “credible” mean? What does Mr. Wysocki mean when he says you need “sources” for your argument? What is a “source”? Finally, what is a “credible source”?

4 Success Today Means  You practice judging source credibility by playing the Source Sleuth Game.  Using the questions in the game, your practice critically analyzing what others are telling you.  You analyze possible sources for credibility  You judge whether or not to keep that source in your notes.

5 8 th pd Reminder  MLK Essays due by Friday “Turned in” to Edmodo. See me during dippy for help.

6 Eng 10 DO NOW 2/11/14  You will need to find as much of this information for each source you are considering. (You must have at least 5 sources) Copy down the following information.  Author’s last name, first name  “Title of webpage.”  Date (day month year)  Name of sponsoring organization  Date of access (day month year) .

7 Success Today Means 2/11/14  You get all the required information for at least five sources.  You start to label, or list annotate your notes into categories like:  Evidence for my stance  Evidence against my stance  Information about the topic (possible “background” info for the introduction paragraph)  HW: Write out your source information.

8 Eng 10 DO NOW 2/12/14 Take a Citation Template Handout. Using the following information from an “Internet Source,” try to format it using the structure in the handout. I will answer zero questions about this Do Now for at least 5 minutes. Sorry, use the resources, think critically  “The Value of School Uniforms”  Los Angles Times  March 1 st, 1996  districts  Chris Wysocki  Viewed February 8 th, 2014

9 Success Today Means 2/12/14  You learn some basic information about MLA.  You learn how to format your source information in MLA format.  You create a typed Works Cited Page HW: typed works cited page

10 Works Cited Page Format  Center line write “ Works Cited” (no quotations)  List your citations alphabetically by first word in citation  Use hanging indents for each citation.

11 English 10 DO NOW: 2/13/14  Today is a research work day. You have a couple options depending on where you are in the process in the process so far.  Create a “measurable” or “observable” goal for the end of class today. Maybe it is “I will finish my Works Cited Page.” Maybe it’s “I will get my third source today” Maybe it’s “I will format all my source information into citations.”  If you are all caught up, revisit your sources and start to record any useful information you found. You can use the “scaffold” handout if you want too. You could make your goal something like “I will find three reasons that support my stance”

12 8 th pd  Today, focus on getting your three sources written out in in the MLA format (use your DO NOW sample from yesterday and the template handout). Then we can type up our Works Cited Page.  Get all three written correctly in class, get them approved (with a star sticker!) for an extra credit point.  Fast students can then work on creating a Works Cited Page

13 8 th PD DO NOW: 2/13/14  Write down these steps. Then create a goal for today  1. Find a source  2. Find the “source information”  3. Put source information in the order/format of the template handout (aka CITATION)  4. Order your citations alphabetically  Then create a SMART goal for today

14 English 10 DO NOW 2/14/14  Gather your Do Nows at your desk quietly. Do not get up after the second bell rings. You can staple, throw away “teeth” later. Find your assigned seat. Students who are quiet for the first five minutes of class, with their Do Nows on their desk, in their proper seat during roll call with earn a whole homework grade replacement. (I’ll drop a missing homework grade.) Quiet means no talking at all.  After roll, you will turn in Do Nows to US MAIL BOX or staple your paper on the way out.  Class that has the fastest time from first student leaving the class to the last student in the library gets a lil something something from me on Tues

15 English 10 Friday Goals  Typed Works Cited Page Word Document submitted to Edmodo by find the post that has the “turn in” box.  Reading your sources and adding facts, notes, examples etc. to your graphic organizer (pros, cons, background)

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