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Developing an Argument

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1 Developing an Argument
Gather, staple, label Do Nows from last week. Turn in to the US Mail Box Am Lit Week 8 Developing an Argument Major Assignments Left This Quarter: Argument Mini-Essay BINDER CHECK 1st Quarter Test

2 Am Lit DO NOW 9/23/13 Make a list of possible arguments we could write about this week. Here are ones I thought of: School uniforms Cell phones in school Music in study halls Year Round vs. Traditional Calendar So that we can help each other, I will only allow 6 topics maximum.

3 Success today means You have several possible argument topics in writing. You have gone through the brainstorm steps 1-4 for your top three topics You have a stance for each topic and at least three reasons to support your stance

4 Am Lit Homework Monday 9/23
Complete brainstorm steps 1-4 for your top three topics You have a stance for each topic and at least three reasons to support your stance

5 Am Lit DO NOW: 9/24/13 Take a stance on each topic. Write out your stance: Example: Topic: Uniforms. Stance: Schools should have uniforms. THEN Write at least one COUNTERARGUMENT for each stance. Example stance: Schools should have uniforms Ex. Counterargument: too expensive.

6 Am Lit Tuesday Success Means
Participate at least ONCE in the discussion over the topics. Have written notes over good reasons for each of your possible topics. Select the topic you will argue.

7 Am Lit DO NOW: 9/25/13 What are the two-three topics you are most interested in? List them in order of interest. Meaning number one is your favorite, number three your least favorite. Have homework sheet on desk (Opinion + 3 main reasons Graphic Organizer)

8 Am Lit Success Today Means
You have/can complete your Graphic Organizer (G.O.) using your stance plus your three main reasons. Advanced: Your 3rd main point is addressing the counterarguments. HW: add examples/details for your body paragraphs

9 Looking at a Sample Read Chris P. Bacon’s persuasive essay, then underline/circle/label his: Stance (thesis statement) 3 main reasons (should be one per body paragraph)

10 Am Lit DO NOW: 9/26/13 Complete the Embedding Quotes worksheet. All the info needed is on the sheet somewhere. Look for your answer before you ask me the question.

11 Am Lit: using sources 9/26/13
For this mini-essay, you do not have to have formal Works Cited page, but I do expect the effort if you want an A. Works Cited Pages only necessary if you use a source in your essay.

12 Am Lit Success Today Means
You find some expert source to back up one of your main points. You remember to create a “Works Cited” page at end of your essay You can show via your Do Now that you can correctly embed quotes multiple ways. HW: research sources to help your argument

13 Am Lit DO NOW: 9/27 Write out one of your main reasons for your stance. Then list two or three details/examples that help support it. To say it another way: List one of your body paragraphs topic sentences, and then list the details, examples for that paragraph.

14 Am Lit Success Today Means
You have a completely developed G.O. including Thesis statement with 3 reasons. Details/evidence for each body paragraph Restatement of thesis statement for conclusion You’ve included at least one source

15 Friday’s homework Write one or two of your Body Paragraphs.
We will work on how to structure them on Monday. If you are ahead of the game use today to organize your binder making sure you have everything you need for our quarter test!

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