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Question : Why do F1 cars have the biggest brakes ? Answer : Because they need to go the fastest.

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2 Question : Why do F1 cars have the biggest brakes ? Answer : Because they need to go the fastest.

3 Protect Infrastructure or protect information ?? Lessons from Wikileaks Presentation at NullCon 2011, Goa Vishal Gupta Seclore

4 TELEMARKETER Information exchange in the collaborative world Information is exchanged between Employees of the organisation Enterprise CUSTOMERS VENDORS Information is exchanged between employees & vendors & employees & customers Competitors What happens if an employee with privileged access leaves to join a competitor ? What happens if information shared with a vendor is lost by the vendor ? VPN SSL UTM Firewall … Firewalls

5 The compromise... Increasing risks of systems and data Decreasing availability of systems and data Data Center Enterprise + Partners Enterprise The world Decreasing control and protection over data

6 Underlying Issues Share it = It becomes his (also) Ownership and usage cannot be separated Shared once = Shared forever Impossible to recall information Out of the firewall = Free for all Technology & processes are only applicable within

7 The Result

8 Create Store Transmit & collaborate UseArchive & Backup Delete DLP Anti-virus Anti-… Hard disk encryption SSL UTM Application security IDM DLPVaultsDigital shredders DesktopsLaptops Heterogeneous policies … Heterogeneous infrastructure Mobile devices Removable media Email Content Management Online workspaces Remote desktops Information lifecycle … Shared folders Removable media Instant Messaging DesktopsLaptops Mobile devices Archive Backup Document retention Security NTFS

9 Unstructured information security Option 1 : Control Distribution... Security Collaboration

10 Unstructured information security Option 2 : Control Usage... Security Collaboration Right Location Right Time Right Action Right Person

11 WHO can use the information People & groups within and outside of the organization can be defined as rightful users of the information WHAT can each person do Individual actions like reading, editing, printing, distributing, copy-pasting, screen grabbing etc. can be controlled WHEN can he use it Information usage can be time based e.g. can only be used by Mr. A till 28th Sept OR only for the 2 days WHERE can he use it from Information can be linked to locations e.g. only 3rd floor office by private/public IP addresses IRM systems allow enterprises to define, implement & audit information usage policies. A policy defines : Information Rights Management Policies are persistent with data, dynamic & audit-able

12 Lessons from Wikileaks Content is King security supposed to be like s security 1 Thou shall focus on protecting the information …because no wall is too high 3 Thou shall listen to dad & not watch TV beyond 7 pm 2

13 About … Seclore is a high growth information security product company focused on providing Security without compromising collaboration Seclores flagship product Seclore FileSecure is used by More than 1 million users & some of the largest enterprises

14 Contact Vishal Gupta +91-22-4015-5252

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