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2 Network Security Network security ensures that unauthorised users are prevented from accessing, misusing or editing a computer network The network administrator controls who can access the files on a network by setting up different types of network security Network security is essential to safeguard a business, customer and staff information

3 Network Security Usernames and Passwords Password policy Access rights and permissions

4 Usernames and passwords A username/user ID must be used by a member of staff in a business if they want to log on to a computer or network It will identify the user to the system so their profile or settings are loaded For security purposes, a password is required also. It ensures that the person logging in is who they say they are Cable Ties Ltd will assign usernames but staff choose their own passwords

5 Password Policy Passwords should:  Be kept private and told to no-one  Be changed regularly  Not written down  Be made up of at least 6 characters  Use upper and lower case letters and numbers  Be easy to remember but not too easy to guess

6 Access rights and permissions Allows the user to control who can read, edit, alter or save files or folders Cable Ties Ltd can control which files employees such as office staff, technicians or managers can look at Managers may have more permissions than office staff or technicians etc.

7 Physical Security This ensures that all of the hardware of the network is protected from theft and kept safe There are a number of ways the business can protect against this but it is also down to employees to be aware of the steps they should take to keep their equipment safe

8 Physical Security Serial Number everything Alarms on Doors locked Fire protection Lock windows/doors Avoid ground floor Blinds closed

9 Data Security This means that there are measures taken to prevent the loss of data held on the system Your data is much more valuable than your computer equipment –it is priceless so must be kept secure at all times You can protect your equipment with insurance, but this will not replace your data

10 Data Security Password protect Restrict access Backups Read only files Encryption Virus checks Firewalls Biometric methods (fingerprinting, retina scanning, face recognition)

11 Password Protection Used on files and folders to ensure only those with permission can access sensitive information such as customer details, sales figures etc. Passwords can be used on documents to restrict opening, editing, saving or copying

12 Restrict access When restricting access to a document you have a number of options: Encrypt with password – Requires a password to open the document Restrict editing – Controls the changes that people can make to the document Restrict permission by people – Grants people access to documents but removes ability to edit, copy or print Add a digital signature – Adds an invisible digital signature to ensure the integrity of the document

13 Encryption This is where you hide the contents of a file so they cannot be easily read if stolen or illegally accessed Data can be scrambled using data encryption software when it is stored or transmitted It uses an encryption code or key to scramble (encrypt) the contents of data files The proper code is needed to unscramble the file (decrypt it) so it can be read or used

14 Using an encryption key Be ready at 7.30 AXIT @ TG&Q.>/ Be ready at 7.30 Encryption key used to scramble message Scrambled message sent The encrypted message Same encryption key used to unscramble message Message written Message can be read

15 Virus checks & firewalls Virus checkers can be used to check information is not corrupted You can preform virus checkers on a regular basis and a lot of computer systems will do this automatically so data is kept safe Firewalls are used to prevent hackers from accessing the data from the Internet They can be turned on and in most businesses the network administrator will have done this for you


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