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Make Your Mark HALO Branded Solutions We will achieve your promotional objectives! Any combination of our online... Or offline services will provide.

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2 Make Your Mark

3 HALO Branded Solutions We will achieve your promotional objectives! Any combination of our online... Or offline services will provide you with efficient and personalized service!

4 Promotional Products Economical and practical way to build store traffic and establish location identity Creates goodwill and heightens community awareness Useful products given to consumers strengthen your brand recognition Enhances special events including company meetings and grand openings One-on-one targeted form of advertising that YOU direct Promotional Products are an integral part of your advertising mix

5 Industry leader in promotional products for 30 years Staffed with over 100 professional employees dedicated to excellent customer service Dedicated and experienced Account Executives who focus on creating and implementing effective marketing solutions A reputation characterized by integrity, reliability and professionalism HALO BRANDED SOLUTIONS

6  Expertise  Expertise developed over years of steady growth in the industry, while being involved in planning, development and implementation of client’s programs.  Resources  Resources of hundreds of manufacturers and decorators of apparel, desk top and computer accessories, executive gifts, direct mail promos, trade show and show room traffic builders, stock and custom awards, art and design services, warehousing and fulfillment for corporate catalog programs – all of which is enhanced by the support of HALO Branded Solutions!  Service  Service that reflects a personal commitment to the success of every project for every client, by being proactive and responsive -- and embraces the challenge of tight deadlines! A HALO Account Executive Focused on YOUR Objectives! Your HALO Advantage

7 Customer Service  Genuine, professional customer service staff with a commitment to prompt response  Continuous training and educational programs  Believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction with guaranteed product quality  Full-time programs department with key contacts Your HALO Advantage

8 Processing and Fulfillment --   Fully integrated electronic billing  Order acknowledgements mailed for every order   40,000 square foot facility for warehousing and processing of inventory programs  Inventory orders shipped within 24-48 hours with 99.5.% accuracy Your HALO Advantage

9  Aggressively maintains supplier relations to ensure the highest quality products and services for the best value products and services for the best value  Proactive creative team who seek innovative new products and opportunities  Focus on developing promotional solutions through unlimited imagination and expertise  Creative resources for logo development, marketing support materials, and designing custom products  Full capabilities to develop and maintain online product catalogs Creative Marketing and Product Research -- Your HALO Advantage

10 Online Solutions HALO’s Online Solutions  Powered by sophisticated technology engines  Allow us to customize e-purchasing to fit your specific needs  Ensure brand integrity, quality, and control  Reduce costs, errors, and turnaround time  Accurately and seamlessly transmits client information throughout the entire process of your orders  Provide a data management infrastructure that results in information sharing across the jkj enterprise

11 Online Solutions Customer Care Customer Care  Phone & Fax access  E-mail support Marketing Support Marketing Support Customized recommendations to drive awareness and traffic Reporting Reporting Standard reports for traffic, sales and fulfillment Online Features Online Features  Full catalog and commerce capabilities  Intuitive interface  Search tools  Secure transactions  Online order confirmation  Volume/tiered pricing  Coupons, gift certificates Basic Features and Functionality

12 Your Solution HALO BRANDED SOLUTIONS  Personalized attention from an experienced account executive  Full operations and marketing support from a team of over 100 quality employees  Expansive product sourcing with pricing leverage  Complete fulfillment capabilities  Online solutions  30-year reputation of excellence

13 HALO Vision Statement We are dedicated to enhancing the partnership among our family of employees, account executives, and suppliers. Our clients’ expectations are exceeded through unlimited imagination, guaranteed quality, diverse products, and service performed with integrity, fairness, flexibility, and prompt response. By promoting a dynamic environment of positive growth and change, each of us will have the opportunity, both personally and professionally, to contribute to and benefit from the success we create. And…we will have fun doing it!


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